13th Supreme Court

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Term Chronology
Previous 12th Supreme Court
Next 14th Supreme Court
13th Supreme Court
Rosy Red.png
Justice 1 Halfblakistan
Justice 2 Morvan
Justice 3 Auven
Start 20 March 2019
End 2 July 2019

The 13th Supreme Court was appointed by Secretary The Final Horseman and confirmed by citizens in individual confidence votes. This consisted of three Justices, and each served a three-month term from 20 March to 2 July 2019. The final members of the 13th Supreme Court were Halfblakistan, Morvan, and Auven.


23 December
Confirmed by citizens
Justice 1 Halfblakistan
Justice 2 Morvan
Justice 3 Auven


The following are the results of the confidence votes on Secretary The Final Horseman's initial appointees to the Supreme Court:

Appointee Result
Halfblakistan 16-1
Morvan 16-1
Auven 13-4

As a result, all three appointees were confirmed to their posts.