18th General Assembly

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Term Chronology
Previous 17th General Assembly
Next 19th General Assembly
18th General Assembly
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Speaker Kavagrad
Start 14 June 2020
End 14 September 2020

The 18th General Assembly was elected at the June 2020 election. This consisted of seven independent members, and each served a three-month term from June to September 2020. The final members of the 18th General Assembly were Antinios, Argentigrad, Dyl, Kavagrad, New Samon, Nottinhaps, and Sincadenas, with Kavagrad serving dually as Speaker.


The General Assembly was elected on 14 June 2020. The following timeline commences on 18 June 2020, which is when the first Speaker was elected.

Date 18 June
Speaker Kavagrad
Member 1 Antinios
Member 2 Argentigrad
Member 3 Dyl
Member 4 Kavagrad
Member 5 New Samon
Member 6 Nottinhaps
Member 7 Sincadenas



As there was one vacancy in the General Assembly following the June 2020 election, a by-election was held, with Kavagrad chosen to fill the seat. The results were as follows:

MGA by-election vote
Seek other
Source: The Leftist Assembly

Kavagrad was elected in the first round. Their election furthered their record to six consecutive terms in the General Assembly.


An amendment to the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in a referendum to be passed. Bills and amendments to Acts require a majority in the General Assembly to be passed. The following are the proposals that were put to vote during the term of the 18th General Assembly:

Name Result Author
Election Amendment
(Further Limitation)
7-0 (0) Kavagrad
  • Reduce the Secretary term limit to two terms
  • Ensure the law conforms with historical precedent
Election Amendment
(Participatory Reform)
7-0 (0) Kavagrad
  • Abolish MGA term limits if electoral participation is low
  • Ensure electoral restrictions reflect interest in government
Criminal Offence Amendment
(Anti-Discrimination Expansion)
7-0 (0) Antinios
  • Prohibit discrimination on basis of all oppressive attitudes
  • Expand existing offences to incorporate all discrimination
Election Amendment
(Cube-Root Appointment)
7-0 (0) Antinios
  • Allow the size of the emergency committee to float
  • Ensure consistency with previous 'cube root' legislation
Endorsement Cap Amendment
(Adjusted Caps)
7-0 (0) Llorens
(New Samon)
  • Increase the endocap to 80% if endorsing the Secretary
  • Provide a four week grace period to outgoing Secretaries
Vacant Position Amendment
(By-Election Simplification)
6-0 (1) Antinios
  • Align by-election nominations with general elections
  • Mandate that by-election nominations occur on the RMB
General Assembly
  Not passed
  Not passed

Opinion polling

Poll source Date(s) administered Sample size Margin of error Results
Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Unsure/neutral Somewhat unsatisfied Very unsatisfied Net
YouLeft 2 Jul–5 Jul 2020 30 ±16.9% 50% 23% 27% 0% 0% +73%