18th Supreme Court

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Term Chronology
Previous 17th Supreme Court
Next 19th Supreme Court
18th Supreme Court
Rosy Red.png
Justice 1 Nangka
Justice 2 New Arkados
Justice 3 South Miruva
Start 20 June 2020
End September 2020

The 18th Supreme Court was appointed by Secretary Greylyn and confirmed by citizens in individual confidence votes. This consisted of three Justices, and each served a three-month term from 20 June to September 2020. The final members of the 18th Supreme Court were Nangka, New Arkados, and South Miruva.


20 June
Confirmed by citizens
Justice 1 Nangka
Justice 2 New Arkados
Justice 3 South Miruva


The following are the results of the confidence votes on Secretary Greylyn's initial appointees to the Supreme Court:

Appointee Result
Nangka 30-2 (2)
New Arkados 31-1 (2)
South Miruva 34-0 (0)

As a result, all three appointees were confirmed to their posts.

Legal rulings

The Supreme Court may issue legal rulings on any disputes over the interpretation of regional law. The following are the legal rulings that were issued during the term of the 18th Supreme Court:

No. Date Main law/s Outcome