1st Argentigrad Cabinet

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1st Argentigrad Cabinet
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Secretary Argentigrad
Vice-Secretary Greylyn
Start 14 September 2019
End 14 December 2019

The 1st Argentigrad Cabinet was formed from the election of the Secretary at the September 2019 election. This consisted of the Secretary, and their appointed deputy Vice-Secretary, Minister of Apocalyptic Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Information, and Minister of Recruitment, and each served a three-month term from September to December 2019.

The final members of the 1st Argentigrad Cabinet were Secretary/Minister of Information Argentigrad, Vice-Secretary Greylyn, Minister of Apocalyptic Affairs Kavagrad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dawtania, and Minister of Recruitment The Final Horseman.


14 September
General election
22 September
Cabinet confirmed
Secretary Argentigrad
Vice-Secretary - Greylyn
Minister of Apoc. Affairs - Kavagrad
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Dawtania
Minister of Information - Argentigrad
Minister of Recruitment - The Final Horseman


The following are the results of the confidence votes on Secretary Argentigrad's initial appointees to the Cabinet:

Position Appointee Result
Vice-Secretary Greylyn 26-3
Minister of Apocalyptic Affairs Kavagrad 28-1
Minister of Foreign Affairs Dawtania 23-6
Minister of Information Argentigrad 24-5
Minister of Recruitment The Final Horseman 28-1

As a result, all five appointees were confirmed to their posts.

Opinion polls

Poll source Date(s) administered Sample size Margin of error Secretary Argentigrad
Satisfied Dissatisfied Unsure
Llorenian Statistical Bureau Oct 27–Nov 3 50 ±7.0% 70% 10% 20%