1st Greylyn Cabinet

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Term Chronology
Previous 2nd Llorens Cabinet
Next TBD
1st Greylyn Cabinet
Rosy Red.png
Secretary Greylyn
Vice Secretary Podria
Start 14 June 2020
End 14 September 2020

The 1st Greylyn Cabinet was formed from the election of the Secretary at the June 2020 election. This consisted of the Secretary, their appointed Vice Secretary and Ministers of Community Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Information, Recruitment, and Roleplay. Each served a three-month term from June to September 2020.

The final members of the 1st Greylyn Cabinet were Secretary Greylyn, Vice Secretary Podria, Minister of Community Affairs Libertasnia, Minister of Foreign Affairs Cedoria, Minister of Information Nottinhaps, Minister of Recruitment Sincadenas, Minister of Roleplay Burninati0n, and Curator Wascoitan.


The Secretary was elected on 14 June 2020. The following timeline commences on 20 June 2020, which is when the Cabinet confirmation vote concluded.

Date 20 June
Secretary Greylyn
Vice Secretary Podria
Minister of Community Affairs Libertasnia
Minister of Foreign Affairs Cedoria
Minister of Information Nottinhaps
Minister of Recruitment Sincadenas
Minister of Roleplay Burninati0n
Curator Wascoitan



The following are the results of the confidence votes on Secretary Llorens' initial appointees to the Cabinet:

Position Appointee Result
Vice Secretary Podria 32-1 (1)
Minister of Community Affairs Libertasnia 32-1 (1)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Cedoria 30-2 (2)
Minister of Information Nottinhaps 33-1 (0)
Minister of Recruitment Sincadenas 26-2 (6)
Minister of Roleplay Burninati0n 28-2 (4)
Curator Wascoitan 30-2 (2)

As a result, all seven appointees were confirmed to their posts.

Opinion polling

No opinion polling has yet been conducted on the 1st Greylyn Cabinet.