1st Llorens Cabinet

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Term Chronology
Previous 1st Argentigrad Cabinet
Next TBD
1st Llorens Cabinet
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Secretary Llorens
Start 14 December 2019
End 14 March 2020

The 1st Llorens Cabinet was formed from the election of the Secretary at the December 2019 election. This consisted of the Secretary, and their appointed Ministers of Events, Foreign Affairs, Information, Recruitment, Roleplay, and World Assembly Affairs. Each served a three-month term from December 2019 to March 2020.

The final members of the 1st Llorens Cabinet were Secretary Llorens, Minister of Events Argentigrad, Minister of Foreign Affairs Greylyn, Minister of Information Nottinhaps, Minister of Recruitment The Final Horseman, Minister of Roleplay Fevhader, and Minister of World Assembly Affairs Podria.


14 December
General election
18 December
Cabinet confirmed
Secretary Llorens
Minister of Events - Argentigrad
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Greylyn
Minister of Information - Nottinhaps
Minister of Recruitment - The Final Horseman
Minister of Roleplay - Fevhader
Minister of WA Affairs - Podria



The following are the results of the confidence votes on Secretary Llorens' initial appointees to the Cabinet:

Position Appointee Result
Minister of Events Argentigrad 32-0
Minister of Foreign Affairs Greylyn 29-3
Minister of Information Nottinhaps 30-2
Minister of Recruitment The Final Horseman 31-1
Minister of Roleplay Fevhader 29-3
Minister of WA Affairs Podria 27-5

As a result, all six appointees were confirmed to their posts.

Minister of Events

As a result of Minister of Events Argentigrad's resignation, Secretary Llorens appointed Libertasnia as their replacement. Voting was held from 1 to 3 January 2020.

The following were the results of the vote:

Libertasnia confidence vote*
Source: The Leftist Assembly
* Includes Military Voting citizen ballots cast on the RMB.

As a result, Libertasnia was confirmed as Minister of Events.

Opinion polling

The question asked was: How satisfied are you with the leadership of Secretary Llorens?

Poll source Date(s) administered Sample size Margin of error Results
Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Unsure/neutral Somewhat unsatisfied Very unsatisfied Net
±%  %  %  %  %  % +%