5th Supreme Court

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Term Chronology
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5th Supreme Court
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Chief Justice New Lonopolian Empire
First Justice Celera/Rathfarnham
Second Justice Rathfarnham/Llorens
Start 31 March 2017
End 30 June 2017

The 5th Supreme Court was elected at the March 2017 election. This consisted of three Justices, and each served a three-month term from 31 March to 30 June 2017. The final members of the 5th Supreme Court were New Lonopolian Empire, Rathfarnham, and Llorens.

The removal of Celera in a Vote of No Confidence on 15 April led to a by-election that was won by Llorens on 27 April.

The passing of the Tiered Justices Act on 21 May resulted in each Justice receiving equal voting power and naming.


31 March
General Election
15 April
Celera VoNC
27 April
2nd Justice By-Election
Chief Justice New Lonopolian Empire
First Justice Celera Rathfarnham
Second Justice Rathfarnham - Llorens

21 May
Tiered Justices Act passed
Justice 1 New Lonopolian Empire
Justice 2 Rathfarnham
Justice 3 Llorens