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ACCEL (acronym for Alliance of Capitalists, Conservatives, and Economic Libertarians) is an historic alliance of NationStates, created for the purposes of promoting free market principles and conservative thought in the NS world. It was both a roleplaying and gameplay alliance, with member regions frequently seeking to liberate conservative and allied regions subject to raids. Member regions were also targeted by raiding organizations numerous times. ACCEL also sought to promote its ideas on the international stage through the NS United Nations, with the organization's UN Division sponsoring more than 10 repeals of UN legislation, most of which passed. ACCEL's members were strongly supportive of national sovereigntism at the UN, and its zeal to "brand" its proposals led to a rule change in that organization, still in effect today.

Plagued by inactivity by late 2007, the alliance downgraded itself from an active organization to a largely symbolic treaty group that year.