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The Cherry Cup, later re-named the Aglukark-Cherry Cup, was an international ice hockey tournament that was the most high-profile international tournament in the sport at the time.

The tournament was founded as the Don Cherry Cup by Kalaallit Nunaat, which became an ex-nation following Cherry Cup 18. From the 19th edition onwards, the name changed to the Aglukark-Cherry Cup in honour of Susan Aglukark, of Kalaallit Nunaat, Iansisle and Her Other Dependencies Beyond the Sea Queen and Sovereign, Defender of the Sport of Hockey, the even-keeled and benevolent leader of that Greenlandic nation. However, the competition only lasted one more edition before being superseded by the World Cup of Hockey.

The Cherry Cup was known for being relatively relaxed and informal compared to the major international competitions of other sports, such as the football World Cup. The competition format varied considerably and prospective hosts were allowed significant leeway to propose and implement a their preferred tournament structures. Particularly in the earlier editions, this included what ranking system would be used. Knockout rounds with multi-game playoff series were the most common, but some editions were run as a round-robin league format.

With five Cherry Cup titles, Starblaydia are the most successful team, while Tanah Burung and Robotopolis are the only others to have won multiple championships with two wins each.


Edition Winner Runner-up Third Host nation(s)
1 Sterlingice Soviet Haaregrad Kalaallit Nunaat Kalaallit Nunaat
2 Soviet Haaregrad Kalaallit Nunaat Kalaallit Nunaat
3 Tranquillitis Kalaallit Nunaat Kaze Progressa
4 Eizen Iansisle The Belmore Family
5 Starblaydia Tanah Burung The Gulf States
6 Tanah Burung Kalaalit Nunaat The Gulf States Squornshelous
7 Iansisle Liverpool England Liverpool England
8 Starblaydia Tanah Burung Iansisle
9 Oliverry Fimble Loving Peoples Iansisle Oliverry
10 Kalaallit Nunaat Starblaydia Robotopolis Tanah Burung
11 Robotopolis Tanah Burung Fimble Loving Peoples Chicanada
12 Robotopolis Kalaallit Nunaat Iansisle
13 Tanah Burung Iansisle Kalaallit Nunaat Hockey Canada
14 The Mushroom Kingship The Gulf States Kalaallit Nunaat Very Angry Rabbits
15 Starblaydia Sarzonia Chicanada
16 Starblaydia Kalaallit Nunaat Kaze Progressa
17 Hockey Canada Oliverry Squornshelous Oliverry and Hockey Canada
18 Starblaydia Pacitalia Krytenia
19 Casari Starblaydia Oliverry Squornshelous
20 Rorysville Oliverry Rorysville
† No bronze medal match was held.