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Jenlomian Overseas Territory of Alansborg
Motto"Pax, prosperitas, potentia."
"Peace, prosperity, potential."
Anthem"Jenlom from field to mountain"
Region Versutian Federation
CapitalPort Idris
Largest city Dassau
Official languages English (de facto)
Demonym Alansborger (or Jenlomian)
Government Jenlomian Overseas Territory
 -  Head of State
ex officio
Lennon Tolstoy
 -  Governor of Alansborg Norman Berne
 -  Minister responsible (UFJ) Harriet Able MP(Con)
 -  Unification 1973 
 -  Federation with United Federation of Jenlom January 2014 
 -  Constitutional Enactment January 2014 
 -  Total 952,285 km2
367,679 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 17.6%
 -  2014 estimate 7,250,945
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
 -  Total NS$89,399,382,860
 -  Per capita NS$20,142.51
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
 -  Total NS$140,997,541,874
 -  Per capita NS$12,771.34
Gini (2014)0.190
HDI (2014)0.977
very high
Currency Tom (TOM) (t)
Time zone Versutian Continental Time (UTC-2)
Date format dd ˘ mm ˘ yyyy
Calling code 0511
Internet TLD .ala.jen

The Jenlomian Overseas Territory of Alansborg is an island located in the Versutian Ocean, about 1,800 miles southwest of ErasmoGnome. The island, which has a land area of 952,285 km2 (367,679 square miles) is an overseas territory of the United Federation of Jenlom, under the terms of which Alansborg enjoys internal self-governance, with Jenlom taking responsiblity for its defence and foreign affairs. The island's capital is Port Idris, to the east of the island.