Antonia von Fürstenstein

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Antonia, Princess von Fürstenstein (1733-1786) was a Braslander noblewoman. She was the daughter of Hans von Fürstenstein.

Her ambitious father arranged her marriage to Count Elger von Ettingen und Steinbach, a member of a prominent family. The marriage was very unhappy, as Ettingen was a violent man. Antonia seeked consolation in other men, so the paternity of her children is disputed. Her daughter Maria married the Count von Lindau.

Antonia succeeded her father as Princess von Fürstenstein. With a fortune of her own, she appealed to the King to allow her to live independently from her husband. Frederick III consented to her request, and banned Ettingen from court, allowing Antonia to lead the remaining years of her life in peace.

She died in 1786. As she had no sons, the Fürstenstein title and estates passed to her nephew, Karl.