Bananish Defence Forces

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Bananish Defence Forces
Service branches Bananish Federal Army
Bananish Federal Navy
Bananish Air Force
Bananish Coast Guard
Bananish Federal Militia
Headquarters High Command HQ, Rivage
Commander-in-Chief President Sengud Fuerza
Minister of Defense Minister Ortsin Ayuda
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Field Marshall Donald Recarthy
Military age 18 with parental consent, 20 voluntarily, 38 maximum
Conscription No
Budget $69.5 billion
Percent of GDP 2.1%
Domestic suppliers Rivage Armouries
OMN Corp
Geld Robotics
Banana Aerospace Industries
Shorehold Heavy Armaments
Foreign suppliers Ironcastle

The Bananish Defence Forces consist of three professional service branches: the Federal Navy, the Federal Army and the Federal Air Force. The forces are managed by the Ministry of Defence and controlled by the Defence Council, chaired by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Commander-in-Chief is the Bananish President, but members of the Defence Forces only swear an oath of allegiance to the Federation and the late President Banana. The Armed Forces are charged with protecting the Federation and its allies, promoting the Federation's regional security interests and supporting international peacekeeping efforts. They are active and regular participants in MATO, BFSCM and the NMF's military agreements.

The BDF has participated in numerous wars since its foundation in 1920, including the Second Great War, the Platacian Peninsular War, the Damanian War and the War of Honour. It has also played a role in keeping peace in the Middle North and Southern Moneylania. According to the Cidadé International Peace Agency, Banana federation has the sixth- or seventh- highest military expenditure in Greater Moneylania. Total defence spending amounts to 4.9% of national GDP.