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State Highway Loop 10
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Route information
Length: 83.128 mi (133.782 km)
Existed: 2031 – present
Highway system

Beltway 10 (BW8) is an 88-mile (142 km) beltway around the city of Jaketon, Alaska, Cascadia, lying within Brooks, Collier, and Jameston counties.

Beltway 10, a state highway uses the main lanes where they are free between CR 215 and Alaska Highway 7(in Round Rock). The main lanes elsewhere are the Beltway 10 Toll Highway, a toll road owned and operated by the Jaketon Area Toll Road Authority (JATRA).

Beltway 10 is the outer beltway in the Houston area. The inner, and partial, beltway - Interstate 203 - lies mostly within Jaketon.

Like other toll roads in Alaska, the speed limit is 65 mph (105 km/h).

Route description

Free sections

The longest free section of main lanes is on the southwest side of Jaketon, stretching from CR 215 north to Alaska Highway 7 This is maintained by the Alaska Department of Transportation.


A number of cameras are located at toll booths to record license plate information to a database and send a ticket via mail. Recently, this system has been upgraded to alert local authorities if a vehicle has been flagged for any reason, including Amber Alerts. When a flagged vehicle is detected, it notifies the closest law enforcement officer to investigate. At this time, Precinct 5 Constables and Brooks County Sheriff's Department are being notified, but Jaketon Police Department has shown interest and wishes to be included to be notified. The total number of cameras that are planned for the system is 35.