Berlin Brandenburg International Airport

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Berlin Brandenburg International Airport
Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
IATA: BER – ICAO: none
Airport type Public
Owner/Operator Grossdeutsche Flughafen GmbH
Serves Berlin, Grossdeutsches Reich
Location Schönefeld
Opened December 10, 2010 (2010-12-10)
Hub for Lufthansa
Elevation AMSL 157 ft / 48 m
Direction Length Surface
ft m
07L/25R 11,811 3,600 Asphalt
07R/25L 13,123 4,000 Concrete
Statistics (2013)
Passengers 86,036,948 Increase 0.9%

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (IATA: BER) (German: Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg - Sophia Scholl) is an international located in Schönefeld 18 kilometres (11 mi) south of the city centre of Berlin, the capital of the Grossdeutsches Reich. It is the main commercial airport serving Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg and is a major international and national flights hub with the other Berlin airport, Tegel, being only for international flights. It is the busiest airport in the Reich with just over 86 million passengers in 2013.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport is a hub for Lufthansa and a focus city for Aer Thaisteal. Its namesake is Robert Mainzer, former chancellor of the Grossdeutsches Reich between 2007 and 2010.


The airports is located south of where Schönefeld Airport once stood. It was built in the 1930's next to an aircraft factory. After the end of the 1940 war, Schönefeld became the second airport of the city after Tempelhof. As the city grew, mostly because of nationalsocialist expansionist urban planning, Schönefeld became the city's main airport while a third airport, Tegel, was built just north of the city.

In the 1990's as the three airports became older, need for a new airport to be built emerged. In 2001 state leadership decided to build a large international airport just south of Schönefeld Airport which would ultimately lead to the closure of Tegel, Tempelhof and Schönefeld.

After more than 8 years of project, in december 2010 the new airport was finally open and ready for flights. However, as air transport had a boom, a decision was taken to leave Tegel open as a minor international airport and for Tempelhof to continue as a general aviation aerodrome.


Before airport completion it was decided it would get a second name, honoring a special individual. Before the ousting of the nazi party the name of Adolf Hilter was considered the most probable option. However, after the NSDAP was taken out of power the namesake was rethough and finally on the eve of the airports inauguration ceremony it was announced that it would bear the name of former chancellor Robert Mainzer. Other names such as Otto Lilienthal, german flight pioneer, were considered and proposed by opposition parties.

After the election of Aurora Dähler as chancellor, in 2015 it was decided to rename the airport in honor of Sophia Scholl, a young university student executed in the 1940s for opposing the NSDAP dictatorship.

Airport overview


Berlin Brandenburg Airport has four passenger terminals: A, B, C and D. A, B and C service international flights exclusively while terminal D is temporarily servicing domestic flights.

Airlines and destinations

The following airlines offer scheduled flights to Berlin Brandenburg International Airport. Terminal assignments are valid for departing flights only.


Airlines Destinations Terminal
Aer Thaisteal Belfast, Dublin, Munich, Shannon A, D
Inquistan Airways Saint Dominico (Eaux-Claire Hills, Saint Andrew, Saint Augustine, Sunset Beach, Trinity City) A
Lufthansa Antanarivo, Amsterdam, Asunción, Bremen, Breslau, Brussels, Casablanca, Cologne, Cork, Danzig, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Königsberg, Kiev, Linz, Luxembourg, Lyon, Marrakech, Marseille, Montevideo, Munich, Nice, Nuremberg, Paris, Portland, Prague, Rotterdam, Saint Adelaide, Saint Regina, Shannon, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Tanger, Vienna, Warsaw A, D
Pan Eu Warsaw B