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Federal Council of Tarper
5th Bundesrat
Type Upper house of the Parliament of Tarper
Founded September 10, 2002 (2002-09-10)
Preceded by Officer's Chamber (Republic of Tarper)
Speaker of the Bundesrat Laraine Castilla, Independent
Since 22 September 2016
Leader of the Bundesrat Abraham Reed, Socialist Unity
Since 24 September 2012
Shadow Leader Laurence Abram, CPT
Since 28 September 2012
Seats 120
Political groups

Government (68)

Federal Opposition (31)

Crossbenchers (21)

Voting system Appointed by State legislature
Meeting place
Palace of States
Mitte, Terraum, Tarper

The Bundesrat of Tarper (literally Federal Council) is a legislative body that represents the ten Länder (states) of Tarper at the federal level. The Bundesrat meets at the Palace of States in Terraum.

The Bundesrat participates in legislation, alongside the Bundestag, the directly elected representatives of the people of Tarper, with laws affecting state competencies and all constitutional changes requiring the consent of the body. It is equivalent in function to an upper house of parliament.

The modern Bundesrat is the successor similar upper houses in Tarper's history like the Imperial Diet of the TSE, the General Courts of the UKT, the Hall of Confederation of the CTCR, and the Officer's Chamber of the Republic.

The political makeup of the Bundesrat is affected by changes in power in the states of Tarper, and thus by elections in each state. Each state delegation in the Bundesrat is essentially a representation of the state government and reflects the political makeup of the ruling majority or plurality of each state legislature (including coalitions).




Role in the election of president

Organizational structure