Burchard VII von Henslen

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Burchard VII, Count von Henslen (1745-1818) was a Braslander nobleman. He was the son of Count Caspar von Henslen.

In 1769 he married Countess Johanna Charlotte von Bergenz. They had ten children: Ulrich (born 1770), Ida (born 1772), Therese (born 1773), Joseph (1775-1804), Felix (born and died 1776), Carl Philipp (born 1778; priest), Anna Maria (born 1779), Antonia (born 1781), Eleonore (born and died 1782) and Regina (born 1783). In 1784 the Countess fell seriously ill and lay in bed for five years. Since then, Burchard started to have affaires and became quite known at Court for his carnal apetite.

He died in 1818.