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Burnaby collage.jpg
Left to right from top: Barnard Harbour, Clocktower Place, Krack Music Festival, Exposition Grounds, Kitts Beach
Provinces of Kelssek Konoha
Flag of Kelssek Kelssek
Metro area
8,593,800 (2nd)
Time zone Central Kelssek Time
(+7 UTC; +8 UTC in summer)
Area codes 502, 416
746, 334 (metro)
Burnaby is a city on the southeastern shore of Lake Konoha. It is largest population centre in Konoha and Western Kelssek, and the centre of the Lower Lakeland, the third-largest metropolitan area in Kelssek with a population over 8.5 million.

Burnaby is located on a peninsula at the point where Lake Konoha drains into the Haligonia river. Port Burnaby is the major terminal for the export of grains, liquified natural gas, and timber from Western Kelssek through the Hartle Canal system. The city's geography is mountainous, it has a relatively mild continental climate due to wind patterns, but also sees heavy lake effect snowfall in the winter.

The city's main industries are software and media production, communications, tourism, forestry, and mining. Companies headquartered in Burnaby include Lumisat, a major telecoms and media company, while the cybersecurity firm UxTor has major research and development facilites in the city. University College Burnaby (UCB) and Steven Fletcher University are two of Kelssek's top research universities.

Burnaby's extensive public transportation network includes the fully driverless B-Train subway and elevated rail system, and the LakeBus ferry between North Burnaby and the downtown core.

Sports and recreation

With its location giving easy access to several major ski areas, Burnaby is a major centre for outdoor and adventure sports. Garibaldi, which has hosted Alpine Skiing World Cup downhill events, is the largest in the province and one of the world's most well-known ski resorts, with a vertical descent of 1721 metres and 35.7 square kilometres of skiable area linking two mountains, Mount Loudon and Flute Mountain.

The Burnaby metropolitan area is considered the hotbed of soccer culture in Kelssek. The Lakeland Derby between Burnaby SC and Coquitlam United is one of the major rivalries of the Kelssek Football League. Burnaby SC is one of Kelssek's most successful club in terms of KFL championships won, and was named the UICA Kelssekian Club of the Century.

Professional sports teams
Team name Sport League Home venue
Burnaby Ravens Ice hockey Kelssek Hockey League False Creek Arena
Burnaby Lions Rugby Rugby Superleague Stadium Konoha
Burnaby Thunderbirds Water polo Kelssek Water Polo League UCB Aquatic Centre
Burnaby SC Football Kelssek Football League Stadium Konoha
Coquitlam United Football Kelssek Football League Maillardville Park