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The Cabinet of Kelssek is the collective decision-making body which forms the governing executive of Kelssek and is chaired by the Prime Minister. By convention, all members of Cabinet must also be elected members of the House of Commons. Formally, the Cabinet is a committee of the Council of State which is appointed by the President of Kelssek. In practice, ministerial appointments are decided by the Prime Minister.

By convention, Cabinet ministers are bound by norms of confidentiality and solidarity. While vigorous debate may and does take place behind closed doors, a minister is expected to defend government policies in public at all times, and to resign from Cabinet if they are opposed to them or feel unable to do so.

Cabinet ministers are held accountable to the public through the daily question periods in the two houses of Parliament. The Cabinet, by convention, must either resign or seek the dissolution of Parliament and new elections if it loses a vote of confidence in the House of Commons. This may take the form of an explicit motion, a government bill which it has publicly designated as a confidence matter (often a political device to quell dissent within the governing party by forcing backbenchers to vote with the government), or the rejection of a budgetary bill (known formally as the loss of supply).

Current composition

The Second Cressey Ministry was formed after the 2018 federal election and formally took office on May 30, 2018.

Name Party Portfolio(s)
Anne Marsha Cressey UCP Prime Minister
Kamal Singh UCP Minister of the Interior
Rachel Francis UCP Minister for Foreign Affairs
Hélène Sarazin UCP Minister for Economic Affairs
Carthaigh Breathnach UCP Minister for Defence
Arianne Leblond UCP Minister for Justice and Attorney-General of Kelssek
Peter Dumont UCP Minister for Labour
Gerard Brière-Joly UCP Minister for Culture and Heritage
Gordon McIntyre UCP Minister for Citizenship and International Migration
Pauline Wetherby UCP Minister for the Environment
Erica Andahlu UCP Minister for Agriculture
Joanne Gasperini UCP Minister for National Revenue
President of the Treasury Board Secretariat
Michelle Ó Murchadha UCP Minister for Intergovernmental Relations
Laurent Ouellet UCP Minister for Public Health
Arjun Sohti UCP Minister for Science and Technology
Simone Pottinger UCP Minister for Fisheries and Oceans
Minister of State for Tourism
Aaron Mortensen UCP Minister for Infrastructure and Development
Sandra Davis UCP Minister for Transport
Bryn Kevinson UCP Minister for Industry and Innovation