Cascadian Interstate 3

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Interstate 3
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Route information
Length: 822 mi (1,323 km)
History: Designated in 2012
Completed in 2024
Major junctions
South end: 20pxInterstate 14
  I-403.jpgInterstate 403 in Fairbanks
20pxInterstate 5 in Fairbanks
20pxAlaska Highway 11 in Livengood
20pxInterstate 6 in Jaketon
20pxInterstate 1 near Jaketon
North end: Alaska 19 Shield.pngAlaska Highway 19 in Deadhorse
Highway system

Cascadian Interstate 3 (I-3) is the main North-South Interstate Highway in the central part of the Cascadian state of Alaska. It serves the largest cities in Alaska, including Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Jaketon. The highway's southern terminus is the and its northern terminus is the town of Deadhorse.

One notable control city that Interstate 3 does not directly reach is Anchorage, which is about 52 miles (84 km) south of the highway's southern terminus. Anchorage is linked to the Interstate by 20pxInterstate 14