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Atlantia is a medium-sized continent that is located near the northwest edge of the Mercator-projection map of the Urth. The landmass is inhabited by a multitude stateless natives, like most continents on Urth, but the number of these peoples is minuscule compared to the enormous amount of natives that make their home in Gondwana. Excluding these natives, as of now, Atlantia contains or makes up part of 17 sovereign states: Celestia, Charton, Dovahofkiin, Forodhar, Kerlington, Kuthernburg, Liber Yorvus, Mexregiona, Minedestives, Nacata, Prussia, Santo Corona, Serenitech, Sydonia, The Atlae Isles, Toksun Ance, and Tretrid. Not only that, there are also nations such as Infinite Loop and the Veridian Union that could be considered a portion of the continent, although they are neither in distinguished proximity to nor connected to the mainland. The former is generally considered Yasterian while the latter is mostly considered Gondwanan, mostly due to history and culture. Although the landmasses of Atlantia are, in comparison to others, just now pushing into the global politics of Urth, the fact of the matter is that the inhabitants have grown into their influence quite quickly. In fact, Kuthernburg, Mexregiona, The Atlae Isles, and Tretrid are considered by some to be major powers on the world stage. Others, like Dovahofkiin, are just now pushing their ways up.

Map of Urth, Atlantia Near the Northwest Corner of the Map