Cerdani Aircraft Works

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POE Cerdani Aircraft Works
Type Public
Industry Aerospace
Founded Marxberg, East Cerdani (1923)
Headquarters Berlitow, East Cerdani
Area served Worldwide
Products Civilian Aircraft
ATC systems
Military aircraft
Radar Systems
Meteorological systems
Employees Increase 356,968 (2017)

Cerdani Aircraft Works is a POE formed in 1923 after the re-nationalisation of the former Cerdani Aircraft Corporation to cater to the needs of the National People's Army and later to Cerdani International. The Cerdani Aircraft works is also an international exporter for civilian and military aircraft with majority being assigned to the COMMIES nations.





Cerdani Aircraft Works primarily manufactures civilian aircraft however it continues to manufacture various military aircraft and various equipment.


Name Type Photo Notes
CAW 62 Long range narrow-body jet airliner CAW62.jpg Limited production
CAW 86 Medium range range wide-body jet airliner CAW86.jpg Limited Production
CAW 96 Long range wide-body jet airliner CAW96.jpg Actively produced
CAW 104 Medium range narrow-body jet airliner CAW104.png No longer produced
CAW 124 Short range narrow-body jet airliner CAW124.jpg No longer produced
CAW 134 Medium range narrow-body jet airliner CAW134.jpg Actively produced
CAW 144 Long range supersonic jet airliner CAW144.jpg Limited production
CAW 154 Long range wide-body jet airliner CAW154.jpg Limited production
CAW 200 Medium range narrow-body jet airliner CAW200.jpg Actively produced
CAW 204 Medium range narrow-body jet airliner CAW204.jpg Actively produced
CAW 211 Ulta-Long range wide-body jet airliner CAW211.png Actively produced
CAW 220 Medium-Short range narrow-body jet airliner CAW220.jpg Actively produced
CAW 225 Long range outsize cargo jet airliner CAW225.jpg Only 2 ever produced
CAW 247 Long range wide-body jet airliner CAW247.jpg Actively produced
CAW 247SP Ultra-Long range wide-body jet airliner CAW247SP.jpg Actively produced
CAW TriStar Medium-Long range wide-body jet airliner CAWTriStar.jpg Actively produced


Majority of the products made by the CAW are either used locally or exported to COMMIES nations.