Collier County, Alaska

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Collier County, Alaska
Founded 2008
Seat Riverside
Largest city Riverside
 • Total 1,113 sq mi (2,883 km2)
 • Land 876 sq mi (2,269 km2)
 • Water 236 sq mi (611 km2), 21.2%
 • (2010) 251,960
 • Density 539/sq mi (208/km²)
Congressional district 14th
Time zone Alaska: UTC-9/-8

Collier County is a county located in the Cascadian state of Alaska. As of the 2014 census, the population was 251,960. Its county seat is Riverside. Coller County was established and organized in 2008.

The county is part of the Riverside–Jaketon, Alaska Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Collier County is located on the plains of valley in the central part of the state. The county is bounded on the north by Tillmans Creek, on the and on the west by the Yukon River. The northeastern part of the county is largely mountains.

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Riverside is the largest city in, and seat of Collier County with a population of 97,976. The Alaska Baptist University in town with 17,384 students.


Palmont is the second largest city in Brooks County with a population of 63,755, and is home to Jaketon International Airport

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