Equipment of the Bananish Federal Army

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Small Arms

Model Image Caliber Type Origin Details
ACP-C2 ACP-C2.png .45 ACP Pistol  Banana Federation Standard issue sidearm.
Submachine Guns
PDW2000 PDW2000.png 9x21mm Submachine gun  Scuro Used by aircraft crews.
ADR-97 ADR-97.png 5.7x28mm Submachine gun  Ironcastle Used in night operations, close quarters, hostage rescue, and escort.
M1014 M1014.png 12 Gauge Shotgun  Ironcastle
Assault Rifles and Carbines
Mk20 Mk20.png 5.56x45mm Assault rifle  Banana Federation Standard service rifle.
Mk20C Mk20C.png 5.56x45mm Carbine  Banana Federation Used in close quarters and vehicle crews.
SDAR SDAR.png 5.56x45mm Carbine  Ironcastle Underwater rifle.
Machine Guns
Mk200 Mk200.png 6.5x39mm Light machine gun  Banana Federation Squad automatic weapon.
Mk30 Mk30.png 12.7x99mm Heavy machine gun  Ironcastle Often mounted on vehicles or tripods.
DMRs and Sniper Rifles
Mk18 ABR Mk18 ABR.png 7.62x51mm Designated marksman rifle  Ironcastle
L115 L115.png .338 Lapua Magnum Designated marksman rifle  Banana Federation
GM6 Lynx GM6 Lynx.png .50 BMG Anti-materiel rifle, sniper rifle  Scuro
Grenade-Based Weapons
Mk32 Mk32.png 40mm Automatic grenade launcher  Ironcastle Often mounted on vehicles or tripods.
EGLM EGLM.png 40mm Grenade launcher  Scuro Single-shot underbarrel or stand-alone.
M67 M67 Frag.png Fragmentation grenade  Ironcastle
Portable Anti-Materiel Weapons
PCML PCML.png 127mm Anti-tank weapon.  Ironcastle
Titan MPRL Compact Titan Compact Olive.png 127mm Fire-and-forget anti-tank missile.  Ironcastle
Titan MPRL Titan MPRL Digital.png 127mm Anti-aircraft missile.  Ironcastle


Model Image Caliber Origin Numbers Details
Mk6 Mk6 Mortar.png 82mm  Ironcastle Unknown
M119 M119.png 105mm howitzer  Ironcastle Unknown
Rocket Artillery
M270 MLRS M270 MLRS.png 227mm self-propelled rocket artillery  Ironcastle Unknown Self-propelled multiple launch rocket system.
Zamak MLRS Zamak MLRS.png 122mm multiple rocket launcher  Sibaria Unknown
Air Defense
M163A1 VADS M163A1 VADS.png  Ironcastle Unknown Self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle.


Model Image Origin Numbers Details
Quad Bike Quad Bike Digital.png  Banana Federation Unknown Various types are used.
Land Rover Land Rover Digital.png  Banana Federation Unknown
T810 T810.png  Banana Federation Unknown
FMTV FMTV Camo.png  Ironcastle Unknown
Zamak Zamak Digital.png  Sibaria Unknown
Armoured Vehicles
MBT-52 Kuma MBT-52 Kuma.png  Banana Federation Unknown
FV-720 Mora FV-720 Mora Digital.png  Banana Federation Unknown Infantry fighting vehicle.
AFV-4 Gorgon AFV-4 Gorgon Snow.png  Scuro Unknown Armoured personnel carrier.
M113A3 M113A3 Digital.png  Ironcastle Unknown
Strider Strider Digital.png  Banana Federation Unknown


Aircraft Image Origin Role Version Numbers Note
AH-1Z Viper AH-1Z Viper.png  Ironcastle Attack helicopter AH-1Z Unknown
MH-9 Hummingbird MH-9 Hummingbird Digital.png  Ironcastle Multi-mission helicopter MH-9
CH-49 Mohawk CH-49 Mohawk.png  Banana Federation Cargo helicopter CH-49 Unknown
WY-55 Hellcat WY-55 Hellcat.png  Scuro Utility helicopter WY-55 Unknown