Friedrich II

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Frederick II (1700-1767) was the second King of Brasland. He was the son of Frederick I, the founder of the House of Balkronn.

In 1722 he married his first cousin, Countess Maria Theresia von Henslen, but she died in childbirth a year later.

After his wife's death he fell into a deep depression. His father appointed him Governor of Arenland to make him busy and forget his pain. Although he fulfilled his new role efficiently, he was a different man, more grave and distant.

He succeeded the throne in 1729 and continued his father's policies, expanding the cities of Markund and Halvan, as well as ordering the construction of several State buildings and monuments. He also kept a distance from his uncle, Lazarus Balkronn, who had been Frederick I's closest advisor. Instead, Frederick II relied more on his own ministers and also on his wife's advice.

In 1730 he married, upon the insistence of his ministers, Princess Elistansa of Paxomenia. Although it was a match of convenience, their union was successful. They had nine children: Frederick III (born 1731), Princess Caroline (born 1732), Princess Marie Therese (1733-1734), Prince Albrecht (born and died 1735), Princess Cecilie (born and died 1736), Princess Marie Christine (1737-1781), Princess Maria (born 1739), Prince Peter (born and died 1741) and Paul I (born 1745).

He died in 1767 and was succeeded by his son, Frederick III.