Junior World Hit Festival 7

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Junior World Hit Festival 7
7th Junior World Hit Festival
Date 11th April 2020
Location Juana Díaz and Urbania, Achaean Republic
Venue Auditorio Yamaha
Presenters Génesis del Río
Executive Supervisor Guy Autriche (BVC)
Executive Producer Mr Producer (AS1/TVS)
Host Broadcaster AS1, Televisoras del Sur (TVS)
Opening Act Final: "Cerca del Bohio" performed by Ana Luisa and Gabrielita Sánchez
"Seis Correao" performed by Arturo Llorens
Interval Act Final: "Yo Te Ví" performed by Carla Pabón
"Pust" performed by Viktoriya Mashininya, reprise of her winning song last edition.
Number of Entries 13
Debuting Countries


Returning Countries


Withdrawing Countries


Voting system 50:50 Jury, Televote. Jury votes: Each country awards a set of points ranging from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 to their five favorite songs.
Nul points None

Togonistan, 53 points

"Karore" - Samaria
Winner's Margin 2
Runner Up


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The Junior World Hit Festival 7 was the 7th Junior edition of the World Hit Festival and the 57th show to be a World Hit Festival sanctioned event, organised by AS1 and Televisoras del Sur (TVS), and overseen by the World Hit Festival Headquarters. It was held on the 11th April 2020, making it the first Junior World Hit Festival to be held in the Spring, following the successful bid by the Achaean broadcaster. It was held in Auditorio Yamaha located on the grounds of Federal University of Ponce. It was the first time that the nation hosted a World Hit Festival sanctioned event.

A total of thirteen nations decided to take part in the Junior World Hit Festival, with Natanya, Llalta, Grellenbyosha-Ga and Antenovaria all competing when they didn't they edition before. Aloquirbe was allowed to compete due to the withdrawal of Britonisea, who withdrew from Achaean Republic alongside Monaeroglisseurest Pleindaguilles, Darkmania, Kalosia, Axuva, Vartugia, Merecendi and Bayilan alongside last edition's host, Besen and the reigning champion at the time, Polkopia. Togonistan won with 53 points, 15-year old Samaria who performed the song, "Karore" (Immortal) with it being the nation's first win at a World Hit Festival sanctioned event.

Since the introduction of the televote at the Junior World Hit Festival the edition before, it was the first time that the winner of the Jury vote did not go on to win the overall competition. Mercedini won the Jury vote with 28 points, while Togonistan had 21 points. The televote managed to give Togonistan a win, two points in front of Mercedini who was pushed down to second place.

The Festival was hosted by Génesis del Río.