Junior World Hit Festival 7

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Junior World Hit Festival 7
Date 11th April 2020
Location Juana Díaz and Urbania, Achaean Republic
Venue Auditorio Yamaha
Presenters Génesis del Río
Executive Supervisor Guy Autriche (BVC)
Executive Producer Ernesto Vázquez (AS1/TVS)
Host Broadcaster AS1, Televisoras del Sur (TVS)
Opening Act Final: "Cerca del Bohio" performed by Ana Luisa and Gabrielita Sánchez
"Seis Correao" performed by Arturo Llorens
Interval Act Final: "Yo Te Ví" performed by Carla Pabón
"Pust" performed by Viktoriya Mashininya, reprise of her winning song last edition.
Number of Entries 13
Debuting Countries


Returning Countries


Withdrawing Countries


Voting system 50:50 Jury, Televote. Jury votes: Each country awards a set of points ranging from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 to their five favorite songs.
Nul points None

Togonistan, 53 points

"Karore" - Samaria
Winner's Margin 2
Runner Up


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The Junior World Hit Festival 7 was the 7th Junior edition of the World Hit Festival (Spanish: 7mo. World Hit Festival Junior) and the 57th show to be a World Hit Festival sanctioned event, organised by AS1 and Televisoras del Sur (TVS), and overseen by the World Hit Festival Headquarters. It was held on the 11th April 2020, making it the first Junior World Hit Festival to be held in the Spring, following the successful bid by the Achaean broadcaster. It was held in Auditorio Yamaha located on the grounds of Federal University of Ponce. It was the first time that the nation hosted a World Hit Festival sanctioned event.

A total of thirteen nations decided to take part in the Junior World Hit Festival, with Natanya, Llalta, Grellenbyosha-Ga and Antenovaria all competing when they didn't they edition before. Aloquirbe was allowed to compete due to the withdrawal of Britonisea, who withdrew from Achaean Republic alongside Monaeroglisseurest Pleindaguilles, Darkmania, Kalosia, Axuva, Vartugia, Merecendi and Bayilan alongside last edition's host, Besen and the reigning champion at the time, Polkopia. Togonistan won with 53 points, 15-year old Samaria who performed the song, "Karore" (Immortal) with it being the nation's first win at a World Hit Festival sanctioned event.

Since the introduction of the televote at the Junior World Hit Festival the edition before, it was the first time that the winner of the Jury vote did not go on to win the overall competition. Mercedini won the Jury vote with 28 points, while Togonistan had 21 points. The televote managed to give Togonistan a win, two points in front of Mercedini who was pushed down to second place.

The Festival was hosted by Génesis del Río.


Bidding Process

The bidding process for the Junior World Hit Festival 7 begun on the 15th January 2020 and lasted until Sunday 9th February 2020 giving nations 26 days to submit an official bid to the Junior World Hit Festival. Though despite the three weeks given, there was only one bid from Achaean Republic, thus the nation was unanimously elected as hosts of the 7th Junior World Hit Festival, where they hosted in Juana Díaz and Urbania - the first time that two cities co-hosted a World Hit Festival sanctioned event.

Bid Decision
Juana Díaz and Urbania, Achaean Republic Unanimous


Copied from the host information package

The Cities

Juana Díaz was founded in 1744 by Miguel de Ocampo, a Spanish settler from Catalonia who named it after his Achaean-born wife, Juana Díaz Sánchez de Ocampo. The area that became known as Juana Díaz started in the embankments of the Rio de la Juventud (River of Youth) which became property of the Spanish Crown and were offered to Ocampo due to his loyalty to the Crown. But the most famous legend coming from Juana Díaz happened on the eve of January 6, 1788, Three Kings’ Day, where a young widow was praying ceaselessly for the whole night to the Three Kings, promising her entire devotion for perpetuity if they would heal her son’s eyesight. Come the morning of Three Kings’ Day, and her son was finally running outside and playing with his friends, his eyesight fully restored. Since that day, a small grotto was built inside the widow’s home, which became encapsulated in the Parroquia de los Reyes Magos (Parish of the Three Kings) in the Plaza Federico Miranda. Each year since 1788, Juana Díaz becomes the center of the Achaean Republic’s traditional Three Kings’ Day cavalcade celebrations, with its epicenter in this city.

Urbania, on the other hand, was founded in 1934 as a planned city on the other side of the embankment of the Rio de la Juventud as the capital of the Ponce. (Ponce, in and of itself, is named after Juan Ponce de León, one of the famed Spanish conquistadors who may have disembarked in the shores of the state.) Fashioned by Achaean architect Luis Alfonso de Olmedo and used to replace the central city of Navarra, Urbania has taken a life of its own as one of Achaea’s greenest, safest, and innovative cities to live in. Its tree-lined corridors and wide avenues contrast with the Neoclassic centerpiece of the Ponce Legislature alongside the Federal University of Ponce’s renowned Campus Clásico.

The Arena

The Auditorio Yamaha on the grounds of the Federal University of Ponce will be the main venue of the 7th Junior World Hit Festival. Built in 1989 and refurbished in 2016, the 11,000-seat basketball arena that has hosted artists like Anna Viktoreevna, Beyoncé, BTS, and Sting, will also become the center of the competition’s events. True to its namesake, the Auditorio Yamaha has an impressive array of acoustics and state-of-the-art musical and sound equipment designed to impress even the most stringent of visitors. With recent touch-ups on acoustics, everybody in the venue will be able to view and listen to the performances with gusto.


Visual Design

Visual Design of the 7th Junior World Hit Festival using Britonisea's "Capture The Moment" from the previous Junior World Hit Festival.

As part of the Achaean Republic bid for the 7th Junior World Hit Festival, they revealed that the slogan for the Festival would be "#LetMusicReign". The logo and some of the graphics used during the festival had three crowns placed on top of one another which became the symbol for their hosting of the Festival and also a nod to the slogan. The three crowns represent the Three Kings.


After searching for a presenter with experience in hosting live competitions, both AS1 and TVS were lucky to have chosen actress, model and presenter Génesis del Río, a Corola native with family roots in both Juana Díaz and Urbania, having been raised in the latter since she was five years old. An experienced telenovela actress involved in many of AS1’s most successful productions including Rosalina, Mujer de Hierro (Rosalina, Woman of Iron) and Se Me Olvidó Tu Nombre (I Forgot Your Name), she has also hosted all seasons of Idol Acaya and Idol Kids Acaya, as well as the 2007, 2010 and 2011 Miss Acaya finals. A devoted mother of two sons, Génesis del Rio jumped on the opportunity to present the competition as soon as she learned that the Achaean Republic was bidding for the festival.

Live Draw

The Live Draw happened in the Teatro Jerezana, a 1908 performing arts venue and the home of the nationally recognized children’s revue Tropa Mágica (Magic Troupe), where they will perform some of their hits through song and dance relating to the history and identity of both Juana Díaz and Urbania. The order of how the live draw went was as follows;

  1. The Achaean Republic will be drawn to perform.
  2. One country will be drawn to perform last.
  3. One country will be drawn to perform last. (If the Achaean Republic is drawn to perform either first or last, then the second or third country chosen will be drawn to perform from either second or next-to-last, respectively.
  4. Countries will be drawn to perform in either first or second halves.
  5. The producers will determine the running order so that every country has an equal chance to shine during the show.


On the 30th December 2019, the World Hit Headquarters announced that the Junior World Hit Festival 7 would retain the televote which was introduced at the 6th Junior World Hit Festival, with slight changes to the weightings of each placement.

It was announced in the Achaean bid that Phase I of World Hit Festival would be the 5-1 points, whereas for Phase II, AS1 and TVS have agreed to reveal the points of the countries from last place to first on the jury vote to create a much greater sense of unpredictability and excitement.

Opening & Interval Act

"Cerca del Bohio" was performed by Ana Luisa and Gabrielita Sánchez for the Opening Act.

Two young performers will headline the interval act: Achaean tween sensation Carla Pabón and the Polkopian winner of the past Junior World Hit Festival, Viktoriya Mashininya. Pábón will perform her newest hit, ¿Por Qué? (Why). Mashininya, on the other hand, will perform her winning song, Pust in a new arrangement in Polkopian and Spanish. Both performers will be joined by Tropa Mágica.

Participating Nations

A total of thirteen nations participated at the 7th Junior World Hit Festival.

The Results

Draw Country Artist Song Language Place Points
01 Skanden Carmena Corales Esta Noche Spanish 10 10
02 Estogium Hope Azzopardi Starry Sky English 6 31
03 Mercedini IO Reflection Mercedinian, English 2 51
04 Todlichebujoku Ainaarsi Pekkanen Rukoile Taploukki 8 24
05 Izmedu Tina Kostelac Ptisere Izmeduan 5 38
06 Aloquirbe Vivi & Johanna Number One English 11 17
07 Grellenbyosha-Ga Natsuko Vulkilainen Jesus Loves Me English 12 13
08 Natanya Juliya Togeyvo Eins, Zwei, Drei German, English 3 44
09 Llalta Nancy Grace To The Bestest Mummy & Daddy Ever! English 9 21
10 Achaean Republic Daniela Asís Cuarto Menguante Spanish, English 4 42
11 Antenovaria Garotas Poderosas Stand Out English 13 7
12 Fromulya Fatimah Gracia Kurniawati Terus Berjalan (Llegar Para Amarte) Indonesian, Spanish1 7 28
13 Togonistan Samaria Karore Togoni-Maori 1 53

1 Song contained a line in Spanish.

The Scoreboard

Jury/Televote Breakdown

The Jury points were announced first and then the televote. Despite Mercedini winning the Jury, the televote was won by Togonistan, with Togonistan receiving enough to jump two places to take the victory.

Place Jury Points Televoting Points
1 Mercedini 28 Togonistan 32
2 Izmedu 24 Natanya 26
3 Togonistan 21 Mercedini 23
4 Achaean Republic 21 Achaean Republic 21
5 Natanya 18 Estogium 16
6 Fromulya 16 Todlichebujoku 16
7 Estogium 15 Izmedu 14
8 Llalta 13 Fromulya 12
9 Aloquirbe 11 Skanden 11
10 Skanden 9 Llalta 8
11 Todlichebujoku 8 Aloquirbe 5
12 Grellenbyosha-Ga 8 Grellenbyosha-Ga 5
13 Antenovaria 2 Antenovaria 5