Karl von Fürstenstein

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Karl, Prince von Fürstenstein (1758-1810) was the grandson of Hans von Fürstenstein.

He was the son of Karl, Count von Reichenhall, and Princess Elistansa von Fürstenstein. In 1786, he succeeded his aunt Antonia as Prince von Fürstenstein.

He married Countess Sophie von Henslen, great-granddaughter of Frederick Balkronn. They had several children, among them Johannes and Friedrich.

Karl inherited one of the largest fortunes of Brasland, being the heir of the Reichenhall and Fürstenstein estates. His wife Sophie was the guiding force in the family, a lover of arts and literature who held a popular salon in Markund. The couple built Fürstenstein Palace, their city residence, where they received intelectuals, politicians, artists and philosophers alike. Princess Sophie was even friends with King Frederick III, who was said to consider her "one of the few brains" among the Braslander nobility. The couple bought many works of art to embellish their palace, creating one of the most beautiful residences in the capital.

Prince Karl died in 1810, while his wife outlived him for fourteen years. He was succeeded by his son Johannes, while the younger one, Friedrich, inherited part of the Reichenhall fortune and adopted the family name "Fürstenstein-Reichenhall", which his descendants continue to carry.