Kelssek Hockey League

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Kelssek Hockey League
Abbreviation KHL, LKH
Sport Ice hockey
Country  Kelssek
Most recent champions Olympique Langlois

The Kelssek Hockey League (KHL) is the highest level of ice hockey competition in Kelssek. The KHL is the most popular domestic sports league in Kelssek measured by match attendance and television audience. The KHL's logo features the Premiership pennant, which was first awarded to the team with the best regular season record in 1896.

The national championship, the Desjardins Cup, is decided through a tournament held after the conclusion of the KHL regular season. The top four teams of each division qualify for the octo-finals of the Desjardins Cup playoffs. The four teams with the next-best overall records, regardless of division, also qualify for the Desjardins Cup tournament. Each round is then contested as a best-of-seven playoff series.

The league consists of 30 teams divided into three regional divisions of 10 teams each, known as the Northern League, Pacific League, and Western League. Every league season, each team plays four times against other teams in their division and once against teams from the other divisions. The last-place team of each division is relegated to the Hockey Kelssek Nationwide League, which in turn promotes three teams to replace them.

The KHL sends four teams to represent Kelssek in the Hockey Champions League, consisting of the Desjardins Cup champion and the three division winners, or the team with the next-best regular season record if the Desjardins Cup champion was also a division winner.


Club Location League Arena Capacity
Ad Astra Provinces of Kelssek Arvika Western Lightwood Arena 13,200
Alavaria Vanorian Provinces of Kelssek Alavaria Western Laineä Arena 17,200
AS Dieppe Provinces of Kelssek Dieppe Western Palais des sports Laurent-Sarsisse 18,900
CH Outineau Provinces of Kelssek Outineau Northern Centre Belle 20,600
Chevalles CH Provinces of Kelssek Champjaune Pacific Colisée de Champjaune 16,400
Breton Emeralds Provinces of Kelssek Breton Pacific Maritime Life Arena 18,700
Burnaby Ravens Provinces of Kelssek Burnaby Western False Creek Arena 18,900
Cantons-de-l'Ouest Provinces of Kelssek Vieux-Hyères Pacific Aréna Supermagasins Galaxis 12,500
Clayquot Partisans Provinces of Kelssek Clayquot Northern SuperBarn Arena 17,900
Colwyn Bay Provinces of Kelssek Colwyn Northern Public Service Workers Centre 16,500
CH Laurentides Provinces of Kelssek Deux-Montagnes Pacific Aréna Banque Laçoir 12,400
1949 Beaujoire Provinces of Kelssek Beaujoire Pacific Colisée Desartes 11,200
CS Val d'Argent Provinces of Kelssek Val d'Argent Pacific Aréna des Foreurs 11,800
Éireann Dartmoor Provinces of Kelssek Dartmoor Pacific Bayside Coliseum 13,600
Escadron de Dorval Provinces of Kelssek Dorval Pacific Place Henri-Bouchard 14,800
Faucons de Saint-Rémy Provinces of Kelssek Saint-Rémy Pacific Colisée de Saint-Rémy 19,600
Internationale Provinces of Kelssek Latrobe Northern Batman Yard 18,300
Kalista Renegades Provinces of Kelssek Kalista Western Hernan Sports Complex 8,800
Pembina Thistle Provinces of Kelssek Pembina Western Valleyfield Place 17,200
Kirkenes Dragons Provinces of Kelssek Kirkenes Northern Harbourside Gardens 19,200
Llandewi Brewi Provinces of Kelssek Llandewi Brewi Northern Lakeland Arena 17,500
Olympique Langlois Provinces of Kelssek Langlois Pacific Aréna Olympique 20,100
Olympique Laneux Provinces of Kelssek Laneux Western Jardins de la Carée-Boudoin 18,900
Glen Éira Provinces of Kelssek Glen Éira Northern Ormonts Dome 16,300
Grand Falls Haligonian Provinces of Kelssek Grand Falls Pacific Goose Valley Arena 13,400
Kingsharbour Royals Provinces of Kelssek Kingsharbour Northern Trenton Place 12,800
Langley-Mineru Provinces of Kelssek Mineru Western Newbrig Centre 15,200
Mazinaw Knights Provinces of Kelssek Mazinaw Western Eoilenne Dome 17,900
Natanel HC Provinces of Kelssek Natanel Western Nurturia Centre 18,900
Neorvins Wolves Provinces of Kelssek Neorvins Northern Federation Arena 19,200
Novonaya Rangers Provinces of Kelssek Novonaya Western Novonaya Arena 15,700
Pingouins de Lescure Provinces of Kelssek Lescure Pacific Aréna Cap-du-Pâqis 10,300
Redswyth Union Provinces of Kelssek Redswyth Northern Salmonwynd Arena 18,500
Red Star Clayquot Provinces of Kelssek Clayquot Northern Portage Centre 18,600
Vickery Vikings Provinces of Kelssek Vickery Western Great Northern Arena 18,700
Wynleth Cambrian Provinces of Kelssek Wynleth-an-Glyndr Northern Martinsgate Place 16,800

Media coverage

The KBC's Hockey Night Live broadcast on Saturday nights is a cultural institution. Originally a radio broadcast, it currently shows a double-header of games beginning at 7pm and 10pm Coastal every Saturday during the season on the KBC's main terrestrial network. KBC coverage of the Desjardins Cup playoffs also falls under this brand. The cable channel National Sports Network (NSN) is the other holder of national broadcast rights, and airs a live game on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm Coastal during the regular season. Reseau des sports national carries this broadcast in French branded as Méchants Mercredis à RSN.

Matches not broadcast nationally are usually shown on NSN cable channels on a regional basis. Subject to region-blocking within Kelssek, all matches are also streamed on the internet through the KHL's HockeyNet subscription service. All broadcast rights revenues are pooled and distributed to the league's member clubs based on final league position.


The KHL Premiership is awarded to the team with the best regular-season record. Taking the form of a blue and red pennant with the Star of Confederation, it is considered the league championship although the Desjardins Cup is at least equally prestigious.

Note that the Desjardins Cup runner-up does not gain a Hockey Champions League spot, although the Premiership winner always does since they are necessarily one of the division winners in the three-region format.

Recent winners

Season Desjardins Cup Runners-up Premiership HCL entrants
9 Dinamo Lupinissia Red Star Clayquot Dinamo Lupinissia Jokerit Arvika
10 Kirkenes Dragons Neorvins Wolves Olympique Langlois Inter Latrobe, Burnaby Ravens
11 CH Outineau Olympique Langlois Olympique Langlois Jokerit Arvika, Inter Latrobe
12 Inter Latrobe Redswyth Union Inter Latrobe CH Outineau, Redswyth Union, Olympique Langlois
Three-region format
13 Inter Latrobe Ad Astra Dinamo Lupinissia Kirkenes Dragons, CH Outineau
14 Dinamo Lupinissia Inter Latrobe Dinamo Lupinissia CH Outineau, Kirkenes Dragons, Vickery Vikings
15 Olympique Langlois Faucons de Saint-Rémy Faucons de Saint-Rémy Wynleth Gaels, Vickery Vikings