Kelssek Water Polo League

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Kelssek Water Polo League
Abbreviation KWPL, LWPK
Sport Water polo
Teams 18
Country  Kelssek
Most recent champions Dynamo Lupinissia (season 34)

The Kelssek Water Polo League (French: Ligue de water polo du Kelssek) is a professional water polo league which is the highest-level competition of the sport in Kelssek. The league is governed by the national sport federation, Water Polo Kelssek. It has men's and women's divisions, in which the same clubs compete. The KWPL consists of two tiers. Division A is fully professional, while Division B is semi-professional, divided by geographic regions, and includes development teams of the Division A clubs. The league also has age-group divisions for under-21 and under-18 players.

The league has a regular season and playoffs tournament format. The top eight teams qualify for the playoffs, which are contested using a final eight system originally devised for the Australian Football League. Playoff rounds are best-of-three series of matches played on consecutive days at the home venue of the team which finished with a higher league ranking in the regular season.

  • Round one (Qualifying/Elimination):
    • Teams placing in the top four play Qualifying Finals against each other with winners receiving a bye to the Semi-Finals
    • Teams placing 5th to 8th play Elimination Finals in which the losing team is knocked out. The winners proceed to round two.
  • Round two (Quarter-finals):
    • Winners of the Elimination Finals play against the losers of the Qualifying Finals.
  • Round three (Semi-finals):
    • Winners of the Qualifying Finals play against the winners of the Quarter-finals.
  • Final series
    • Winners of the Semi-finals play for the championship at a pre-selected neutral venue.

Current Division A teams

Team City Pool Colours
Breton Mooseheads Provinces of Kelssek Breton Haligonian Bank Centre         
Burnaby Thunderbirds Provinces of Kelssek Burnaby UCB Aquatic Centre         
Club aquatique de Langlois Provinces of Kelssek Langlois Complexe sportif Des Plages         
Clayquot Neptunes Provinces of Kelssek Clayquot Portage Athletic Park         
Colwyn Aquatics Provinces of Kelssek Colwyn Commonwealth Park         
Dollard-des-Oiseaux Provinces of Kelssek Outineau Complexe sportif DDO         
Dynamo Lupinissia Provinces of Kelssek Ulyanof NUL Swimming Centre         
Lakeland Storm Provinces of Kelssek Kingstown Commonwealth Place         
Kewatin Vipers Provinces of Kelssek Torbay Rockland Sports Complex         
Kirkenes Blues Provinces of Kelssek Kirkenes Varsity Aquatics Centre         
Kirkenes Jets Provinces of Kelssek Kirkenes Hydestone Park         
Kraken d'Outineau Provinces of Kelssek Outineau Centre Saint-Hélène         
Latrobe Dolphins Provinces of Kelssek Latrobe Southbank Park         
Laneux Natation 1874 Provinces of Kelssek Laneux Centre Saint-Hélène         
Natanel Aquatic Club Provinces of Kelssek Natanel Willems Park         
Redswyth Marlins Provinces of Kelssek Redswyth Lancswold Athletic Centre         
Neorvins Sharks Provinces of Kelssek Neorvins National Aquatics Arena         
Vickery Tsunami Provinces of Kelssek Vickery Northlands Place         

Match days

Matches are commonly scheduled in coordination with Interuniversity Sport Kelssek and junior competitions, so spectators would be able to take in a junior-level or amateur match, followed by a match between Division B or university teams, before the Division A game.


Teams are free to make their own agreements with regional broadcasters, but only the "big five" clubs have such deals which for all of their matches to be televised. KWPL matches are broadcast nationally in Kelssek on the National Sports Network and KBC Sport cable channels. Since 2006, the final series of the KWPL playoffs is also shown live on KBC broadcast channels. It has the fourth-highest viewership of domestic Kelssekian sports leagues, behind hockey, soccer, and rugby union.

Most successful clubs

Club Titles Seasons
Dynamo Lupinissia 12 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 15, 16, 17, 25, 26, 33, 34
Burnaby 8 2, 6, 19, 21, 23, 27, 28, 32
Latrobe 3 9, 10, 20
Kirkenes Jets 3 13, 29, 32
Dollard-des-Ormeaux 3 5, 30, 31
CA Langlois 2 11, 18
Kirkenes Blues 2 12, 22
Breton 1 14
Kraken d'Outineau 1 24