Konrad VIII von Isenborn

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Konrad VIII, Prince von Isenborn (1758-1824) was a Braslander nobleman. He was the son of Prince Viktor II von Isenborn.

Like his predecessors, he served in the Army, but he preferred court life. He was a patron of the arts and a great collector. His private life was the source of gossip at court. He had numerous affaires with women and with some men as well. He married in 1799, later in life, to Countess Antonia von Henslen in 1799. Like him, she had an eye for beauty, and they spent their money lavishly on decorating their residences, creating beautiful gardens and amassing a large art collection.

Konrad and Antonia had seven children: Viktor (b. 1800), Isabella (b. 1801), Henriette (1803-1804), Konrad (b. 1805), Johanna (b. 1808), Friedrich (1810-1811) and Paula (b. 1813).

Konrad's wife was admired by Frederick III, who enjoyed speaking to her on many subjects, despite her youth. Theirs was a platonic relationship, as is testified by their letters. Antonia held a salon, which rivalled with that of her cousin, Princess Sophie von Fürstenstein. She and Sophie competed to have the brightest guests at their salons, and it is from this time that both families have been known as rivals, although this has not always been the case.

Antonia died in 1822, leaving his husband devastated. He followed her in 1824, and was succeeded by his son Viktor.