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Clockwise from top left: View from Southwark Bridge, Museum of Human Rights, The Angel at Nagorno Park, aerial view of Republic Square.
Provinces of Kelssek Etnier
Flag of Kelssek Kelssek
Metro area
5,761,000 (5th)
Time zone Kelssek Coastal Time
(+8 UTC; +9 UTC in summer)
Area codes 417, 206, 351
378, 539, 781 (metro)

Latrobe is a city located on the Yalumbia river in the central plains of southeastern Etnier. It is the most populous city of Etnier and the centre of Kelssek’s fifth-largest metropolitan area. A centre for arts and culture, it is home to the National Gallery of Etnier, the Kelssek Centre for the Moving Image, and the Etnier People’s Opera. It is also a hub for the media, telecommunications, software, and auto manufacturing industries.

Higher education

Three universities are located in Latrobe. The University of Latrobe, founded in 1816, is the city’s oldest and and its historic campus is located on the north end of the city centre. William Watterson University and the Etnier Institute of Technology (also known as EtniTech) are both members of the U10 group of major research universities.

Sports and recreation

The city is represented in Kelssek’s four major professional sports leagues. Latrobe A.F.C.'s rugby union section is Kelssek's oldest and most successful, playing in the Rugby Superleague and its soccer section is also a successful club of the Kelssek Football League. Internationale HC in ice hockey, and Latrobe Dolphins in the Kelssek Water Polo League.


Latrobe's mass transit system uses a network of trams, subway, and commuter rail. The Borealis railway station is Latrobe’s main intercity terminal with Velocit high-speed services. Etnier Rail and Kelssek National provide regional services to Clayquot, Coldwater, and across the provincial border to Redswyth.

Latrobe Burke Airport is the city's main airport, which is a minor hub for both Air Kelssek and Kelssek Pacific Airlines. The airport was used by 31.3 million passengers in 2017.

Sister cities

Latrobe has a sister city partnership with Ariana, Cookesland.