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Hey there, WA newb! Ever found yourself in a debate where someone mentions something that makes no sense whatsoever, but everyone else catches on, then it's like they're speaking a foreign language? Or in a drafting discussion where GA veterans start cracking inside jokes and you find yourself laughing along with them just to fit in? Well, trouble yourself no more, because right here is your complete guide to understanding the WA forum's many memes and inside gags! Now you can rattle off WA/GA jokes like an old pro, and make people think you're someone's secret puppet while doing it! Below you'll find explanations for just about every joke or meme you can find on these forums (and some really old ones that predate even this forum!), plus some descriptions of the sillier aspects of WA roleplay. Newbs will appreciate the knowledge...veterans will like the memories some of them bring up (or possibly make them want to kill themselves for being reminded of something they'd rather forget)! Either way, it's all yours now, so enjoy!

Glossary of memes

AO Conspiracy

AO Conspiracy card.png

As long as there has been an Antarctic Oasis (AO), there have been conspiracy theories about what they're doing to ruin the game for everyone else. Over the years AO members have been indicted (without evidence) for wanting to repeal (and/or "block") everything in order to rob the UN of all power and purpose, trying to reverse the advancement of human rights, plotting with moderators to create stifling game rules or to arbitrarily preserve "antiquated" ones, and a whole load of business about gameplayer conflicts that aren't really relevant here. Just so you know, if you think you've discovered something about AO that doesn't smell right, you're not the first. You're actually taking part in a tradition nearly as old as the UN/WA itself. And it's not like AO members try to discourage all the conspiracy talk, either. They're shameless attention whores and will do everything possible to stoke the controversy.

Catherine Gratwick

The reputed Secretary-General of the World Assembly (and the United Nations before it). A comic supervillain who climbed a ladder of shady underground organizations to eventually blackmail her way into office as the UN/WA's top dog. However, she is always too occupied directing her henchmen in schemes for world domination to devote much attention to being secretary-general, so various deputies (Lord Evif and Miguel Estrada have been often mentioned) and the Secretariat (RP codename for the mods) are usually the ones to pick up the slack. Originally dreamed up by the nation Der Angst to run his puppet Sovereign UN Territory, Ms. Gratwick also appears in numerous NationStates Issues...and bears an uncanny resemblance to Rosa Klebb from the Bond movie From Russia with Love.

Creative Solutions Agency

Reference to the Kennyite government agency devoted exclusively to the time-honored UN/WA practice of "exploiting loopholes for fun and profit." Other nations frequently reference their own CSA-type agencies (some of them actually named "Creative Solutions Agency") in the course of discussing loopholes found in WA legislation.

Death Star

Also "the Freaking Death Star," a relic from a much darker period of GA history, when filthy sovereigntists ran the roost, and repeatedly threatened debate opponents with a destructive barrage from the moon-sized space station. Originally designed and constructed by government scientists from Cluichstan, the keys to the infamous Star were eventually acquired by the Flibbleites, but no one's really sure who controls it now.


First, a simple vocabulary lesson: defenestration means to throw someone out a window. In the GA, this can be accomplished with or without opening the window first. This common tactic for dealing with disruptive delegates was brought to dizzying new heights during the floor debate for UN Fair Wage Convention (possibly the greatest debate in the history of the UN or the WA), wherein Iron Felix unveiled his Defenestratinator v2.0, capable of ejecting multiple ambassadors from the chamber at once. Luckily the GA chamber is on the first floor, and the Vastivan Memorial Reflecting Pool is just outside, so ambassadors frequently survive these attacks unharmed, if a bit damp. Just dry yourself off and return to the chamber if it happens to you; no need to start WWIII over it.

Inflatable Gandalf

See also: Inflatable Gandalf Act

Another reference to a silly proposal, the Inflatable Gandalf Act, which sought to eliminate the need for crosswalks by giving all pedestrians their very own Inflatable Gandalf, which would duly warn approaching vehicles, "YOU!! SHALL NOT!! PASS!!" so that the pedestrian could cross safely. Sadly, this gem never made it to vote, but it survives on the forums, and in the nation Inflatable Gandalf.

Invading Chechnya

A really old one. A common sig some years ago was, "98% of users who read this post have used drugs. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, put this in your sig!" It eventually led to satirical replies such as, "2% of users who read this post have invaded Chechnya. If you're one of the 98% who hasn't, put this in your sig!" Soon, GA regulars who'd tire of a particular debate would grouse, "Sod this! I'm invading Chechnya!" The phrase found its way into many silly forum polls, but got kinda old after some punk actually decided to roleplay an invasion of Chechnya. What was that dude's name again?


Something to do with that loser Kenny. He thought it was amusing to satirize his own repeals with funny poll options -- many of which really weren't all that funny, and were actually kinda dumb, but Kenny still gets credit because if it weren't for Kennypolls, the World Assembly would never have been introduced to the amply endowed majesty that is Thessadoria. *turns to Thessadoria's ambassador and smiles admirably* Man, that girl's something else!

Mad Sheep Railgun

See also: Mad Sheep Railgun Proposal

A reference to a silly proposal (dubbed "the greatest proposal of all time" by a GA regular) calling for railguns to be mounted onto the backs of sheep shaved to look like Hitler. It ended with the immortal aside: "Nurse, my medication!" and immediately gave birth to years' worth of inside jokes by forum regulars, as well as the nation Mad Sheep Railgun.


Occasionally break out during GA floor debates when the discussion of the actual resolution becomes tiresome, with pies at times substituted with other forms of food, like quiche, borscht or rotten vegetables. However, pastries are the weapon of choice for the Palentine's Jaegermonster Corps. (If you intend to attack the Kennyite delegation, cream-cheese is their favorite.)


A quasi-IC reference to the WA moderators, who see to the tireless work of mulling over the legality of GA proposals, issuing timely, well-researched and impeccably reasoned rulings that put the storied history of Anglo-American common law to shame, punishing rulebreakers with tough but fair judgments, swiftly sorting disruptions by drunk and/or disorderly diplomats, and of course, dispensing drinks at the Strangers' Bar. It's a thankless job, but someone's got to do it.


"Stomping" or "a stomp" (sometimes called a "mousey stomp") occurs when one or two delegates with large vote totals decide on their own to vote down a resolution almost as soon as it reaches vote, to prevent it from gathering momentum for passage. This practice has been utilized by numerous major delegates in the past, but Mousebumples seems to have made the term quite popular. Not to be confused with "stacking" (or "vote-stacking"), which refers to a coordinated effort to get a number of large delegates to vote a resolution up or down early on, depending on the coordinators' whims. This has helped some resolutions in the GA pass or fail by more-or-less artificial means in recent years.

Strangers' Bar

See also: Strangers' Bar

The famed drinking establishment at WA Headquarters; a place for diplomats to relax, socialize, play games and find respite from their usual duties. Also to get drunk off their asses and senselessly brawl over football games or what someone supposedly said about someone else's mother. Started by Enodia in 2004, it is the longest-running continuous roleplay in NationStates history, having played host to many diplomatic summits, international incidents and romantic entanglements over the years, not to mention the occasional zombie infestation. All WA diplomats and their guests are welcome, but military forces are banned, as are killings, weapons and debating GA proposals. More info found here.

Thessadorian Ambassador

A constant (and very welcome) presence in the GA debate halls, the Thessadorian Ambassador (originally a gag from a silly forum poll) is admired internationally for her various "talents" and prized "assets," often complemented by a tight flattering T-shirt. She has lovely eyes too; if you wanna look up a little... Hey! *snaps fingers* Are you even paying attention?!

Vastivan Memorial Reflecting Pool

See also: WAHQ campus and landmarks

A glimmering artificial pond, thousands of feet long, stretching out from just outside the main windows of the GA chamber, conveniently enough to serve as the main depository for the many hundreds of defenestratees unlucky enough to land in its waters over the years. Though presumably built in memory of the DEATed nation of Vastiva, the purpose of the memorial has been long-since forgotten, and with the ambiance being constantly disrupted by screaming diplomats violently splash-landing into the pond, it is not an ideal place for quiet reflection.