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The lower house, in politics, refers to the lowest chamber in a legislature that is bicameral, the other being the upper house. Characteristics and functions of such institutions vary widely, but generally the lower house in a parliamentary system wields more power, and in a presidential system will be of slightly less import.

List of Lower House chambers

Nation System Lower House English name
Great Alemonia Bicameral House of Commons
Carchesia Bicameral Assemblamènt del Pople Assembly of the People
Christian States Christian States Bicameral House of Representatives
GroBdeutsches Reich Bicameral Representäntenhaus Representative House
Imperial Lyndonia and Montefalco Bicameral Pleinow House of Keys
Ineland Bicameral Dáil Áineann Inish Parliament
Jenlom Bicameral House of Commons
Ludovicia Bicameral House of Representatives
Midrasia Bicameral Ensemble Nacional National Assembly
Omerica Bicameral Chambre des députés House of Representatives
Omigodtheykilledkenny Bicameral Federal Assembly
Rotia Bicameral Kućra
Senshi-Atago-Ni Bicameral 衆議院 Shūgiin House of Representatives
--Spain-- Unicameral Cámara del Pueblo People's Chamber
Soltsteed Bicameral Nationaaldiét National Diet
State of Germany Bicameral Bundestag Federal Diet