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Historical nation
Founded November 2002
Ceased to exist January 2013
Notable contributions Fight the Axis of Evil, The World Assembly

Maxtopia was the nation Max Barry used when first creating the game. Over time, it became inundated with messages and Max let it die off. He now plays in secret. Maxtopia was the country to post the first NSUN resolution: Fight the Axis of Evil. This was for test purposes only, however, and it is disputed whether it was supposed to be an actual resolution. It has since been repealed.

Maxtopia is mentioned in multiple issues, such as "Students Demand Financial Aid," where it is implied that it was an ancient nation. The mummified remains of Maxtopia's King Maxbari IV have been passed around the NS world countless times, thanks to "Maxtopians Demand Return of the King." In other issues, Maxtopia is described as a "scenic, yet corrupt and totalitarian, nation." The diaspora and descendents of this society are thought to live in many other nations.

Many other players have created nations as imitations to Maxtopia, such as Greater Maxtopia.

Maxtopia has been revived by its original owner twice during recent years, the first time to introduce the April 1, 2008 resolution, "The World Assembly," which abolished the NSUN and founded the World Assembly in its place. Assumed by many to be the moderators' 2008 April Fools joke, it was revealed the next day to be an actual event. World Assembly Resolution #1 passed successfully, and Maxtopia was once again allowed to expire in May 2008. Maxtopia rose again in November 2012, during the tenth anniversary of NationStates.