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Minoa is a region and nation based on a transcontinental country between Europe and Asia: since 4 June 2015, the nation is the founder of the region of the same name.


Founded on 25th March 2025, the country's government is a elective monarchy with a bicameral parliamentary system. It ranks high in international rankings for human rights and social justice despite a poor historic record before the present country existed, but it struggles to deal with human trafficking and racial tensions that date back to the 19th century.

There is controversy over whether Minoa is a republic or a constitutional monarchy: the role of the Empress of Minoa is generally lifelong until death or retirement, but the role is directly elected by voters instead of handed down to the Empress's children. Some political theorists consider Minoa's government to be a hybrid.

More information about Minoa can be found on the nation's self-serving article.

Foreign relations

Until 2015, Minoa was an occasional member of the World Assembly: the country left and re-entered when necessary, to benefit from positive changes to the country's statistics but miss out of the negative changes.

Minoa currently has no plans to rejoin the World Assembly at present.

Gameplay information

Minoa was not available for registration when Charlotte Ryberg first roleplayed the country, but became a nation on its own on 6 October 2011, as a result of the Nation name release programme. Minoa never uses in-game statistics because the player regards the in-game population to be unrealistic for the size of the country.

Views towards NSwiki.org

Although Minoa runs her own (ahem) encyclopedia, the player is not anti-NSwiki due to its long historical connection: the only concern is towards bot-written articles (due to differences between gameplay and roleplay), and that is it. This page, along with Minoa, used to be an opt-out because the player did not have the time to write all this in back then.