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NSWiki.org is the successor to the original NSWiki.net, and contains encyclopedic information on thousands of different nations, regions and other interesting NationStates-related content.


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What content is suitable for NSWiki?

NSWiki is meant to serve as a central location for all related content related to NationStates, the online game created by Max Barry. Any content related to NationStates, and is suitable for a PG-13 audience is suitable. Illegal content and adult material will result in an immediate ban.

What improvements have been made over the previous NSWiki?

  • New Management, NSWiki.org is run by the same developer as the popular NationStates++ extension
  • NSWiki.org restricts logins and signups to NationStates.net nations only. Automated spam bots and other malicious users will not be able to cheat the signup system and damage the wiki.
  • NSWiki has a large number of templates and Mediawiki Extensions.
  • NSWiki features an automated service that generates basic templates with information for all regions, and keeps basic stats up to date, every day.
  • Faster hardware - NSWiki.org runs on a server with a SSD.
  • Offsite backups & public access to download full database backups. ( http://backups.nswiki.org )