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Help Center

Help Center
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Help Center

Welcome to the NSWiki Help Center, with information to help you get started with writing articles on NSWiki.

Logging in

On the top right corner of the screen, you will find a Log in with NationStates button

Before you can start editing articles on NSWiki, you will need to log in. Look for the Log in with NationStates button on the top right corner of the screen. Click this. You will be taken to a page where you are asked for your NationStates nation, with which you wish to edit.

Important: You will need to be logged in to NationStates (at NationStates.net) with this nation in order for the log in process to work.

Type the name of your NationStates nation, and press submit. If all has been done correctly, you will be taken to a page showing a hash key, which you will need to copy and paste into the top box. Press enter again, and a message will appear to confirm that you have logged in.

Why do I have to do this?

Requiring users to go through this process ensures that NSWiki is kept secure from spammers, and that the only people who may edit articles on the site are those who possess a NationStates account.

Do you have access to my NationStates password?

Absolutely not. The system merely contacts the NationStates server to request a code in order to prove that you are who you say you are. You should never give your NationStates password to any other site but NationStates.

For more information on the system we use, visit The NationStates API Documentation page

Getting Started

Click the edit button to make changes to a page.

After you have logged in, you will be returned to the page you were previously viewing. The chances are, an article on your nation or region already exists. To find them, head to the Home Page and use the "Find Nation" or "Find Region" boxes to help you find what you are looking for. Existing nations can be edited in the way you are familiar with. If you are using NationStates ++ you can also navigate to a nation or region's page on NationStates and use the NSWiki links visible there.

To edit pages, click the 'Edit' button on the top right. This will take you to a page where the Wiki markup is editable.

I can't edit a certain page

There may be a number of reasons for this:

  • Check you are logged in to NSWiki. If you cannot see your name and "Talk, Preferences..." etc in the top right, you are not logged in.
  • Check that the page is not edit-protected. Certain pages on NSWiki are editable by admins only (for instance the Home Page and some templates). If you see an error or have an idea about how these edit-protected pages might be improved, please contact an Admin.
Current admins are Afforess (Eluvatar), Jenlom, Omigodtheykilledkenny and Todd McCloud

How do I format my text?

Wiki markup is a relatively simple language and can most often be understood simply by looking at the language used on existing pages. Although it is not difficult to understand, it is too long and winded to be explained here. A useful article to look at is MediaWiki Help:Formatting

How do I use Infoboxes on my page?

An infobox
The NSWiki Logo
About what? The article in question
What else? Other useful facts
Is that amazing?
Amazing Yeah

Infoboxes are those panels you see on the right hand side of pages on a lot of Wikis. They give a summary of the information on a certain subject. An example has been included on the right.

 | title   = An infobox
 | above = Containing
 | image1  = http://nswiki.org/logos/nswikilogo_small.png
 | caption1= The NSWiki Logo
 | headerstyle  = background:#E6E6FA;
 | header2 = Information
 |  label3 = About what?       |   data3 = The article in question
 |  label4 = What else?             |   data4 = Other useful facts
 | header5 = Is that amazing?
 | label6 = Amazing           |   data6 = Yeah

The above code, when used on an NSWiki page, will produce the infobox on the right. To add more rows, simply continue the list, making sure you change the numbers after field names to start a new line. Be aware that adding new lines earlier in the infobox will require you adjusting all the lines below, otherwise you will find that lines do not appear properly.

For nation and region pages things are a bit more complicated. These pages use special templates, these being {{Infobox country}} and {{Infobox region}} respectively. For an example of these in action, see my own Nation page (Nation/Jenlom) and my own region, the Region/Versutian Federation. I have tried to use most of the available fields, and you are welcome to copy and paste the code into your own Nation or reigon page and change it to suit your own nation or region's details. The code is mostly self explanatory.

The list of templates is expanding all the time. If you are creating a page for your Parliament, take a look at {{Infobox legislature}} (the code is available here). Templates such as infoboxes are often protected - they are used on a large number of pages and changes made to them can cause large errors and upset pages that depend on them.

Linking to other nations or regions

Main article: NSWiki:Linking
Please see the above article for information on how to link to nations and regions.

How should I write?

Your article should be encyclopedic. Try to maintain a professional writing style, in continuous sentences and with proper spelling and grammar. We are not Grammar Nazis, but writing in a style that would be appropriate for an august institution of the like of Wikipedia would be acceptable.

What about editing bot-written text?

Editing a page already written by a bot is perfectly acceptable, as long as the edits conform to NSwiki standards. For now, only region pages are written and updated (every couple weeks or so) by the bot. However, if you wish to alter a bot-written article, it is recommended that you completely replace the bot content with original content. Don't just change a few things here and there in the bot-provided text; they will be overwritten the next time the bot updates the article.

What can I post?

You can post whatever you like, so long as it is broadly NationStates-related. We also will delete anything that is obscene, illegal, threatening, malicious, defamatory or spam. Anything which does not comply with copyright laws will also be the subject of deletion.

Defacing pages of nations or regions you don't like is unacceptable, but you should have no qualms about posting content that is encyclopedic.

Edit wars

We generally hope they don't happen, but in general in conflicts on pages about a certain nation the benefit of the doubt will be given to he who controls that nation. With regions, we are not in the business of getting involved in conflicts over a region's history, but if you are the Founder or the Delegate of a region, your view will probably prevail over that of someone lower down the pecking order.

Again, nothing is set in stone, but decisions will be reasonable.

Still having trouble?

If the above hasn't helped, click the button on the bottom right of every page (the question mark in the speech bubble) and ask us a question directly. You can also Telegram an Admin (preferably directed to Eluvatar or Omigodtheykilledkenny, or Todd McCloud). If you want a more immediate answer, there's always someone on the #NSWiki IRC channel on irc://irc.esper.net for those who use IRC.