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This short page explains the easiest ways to link to Nations and Regions on NSWiki.

Very simple linking

NSWiki uses the same linking format as most other popular wikis, that is:

[[Main Page]]

returning Main Page

You can also give your links different titles and point them to the same page by using this format:

[[Main Page|a link to the NSWiki Main Page]]

returning a link to the NSWiki Main Page

Simple Linking

The simplest way to link to a nation is to do as follows:


This will return a link like this:


The same also applies to regions, with:

{{region|The North Pacific}}


The North Pacific

National/Regional Flag Linking

You can also include a small flag image (to make the link look like a nation link from NationStates), like this:



The same again goes for regions, which can be linked like so:




If the nation you are linking to has spaces in it, for simple linking, this is no problem. Simply type normally and your link will appear.

For flag linking, the second name must have underscores ("_") in, otherwise the flag image will not appear.

{{nation|The Campbell Nation|The_Campbell_Nation}}

The Campbell Nation

{{region|The North Pacific|The_North_Pacific}}

The North Pacific

If you do not type this in, your flag image will simply not appear.

{{region|The North Pacific|The North Pacific}}

The North Pacific

Other Flag Linking

In some situations, you may want to link something other than a nation or region to a flag (for example in sporting situations where athletes have their national or regional flag next to their name). To achieve this, use:

{{flag|An Athlete|region|The_North_Pacific}}

Template:Country data An Athlete

{{flag|Another Athlete|nation|Jenlom}}

Template:Country data Another Athlete

Here, "An Athlete" may refer to the name of any article on NSWiki, "region" or "nation" defines whether it is a regional or national flag that should be displayed, and the final variable is the name of that flag. Note that again you are required to use underscores in the final variable.