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The Federal Republic of Allinburg
Der Fegelderal Fegelpublik of Allinburg (Feglish) Da Fethereal Repoblick uf Allinburg (Fedlin)
Allinburg's current flag, a blue and white tri-band flag with eight stars in the middle.
Motto Peace and freedom

Our Motherland

Capital Berwin [Population: 37,482,285]
Largest city

Torrinian (financial capital) [Population: 47,327,183]

WA Status

Wa delegate.png

List of Languages
Official scripts

Roman (Latin) and Feglish

Ethnic groups (as of 6/07/2016)
  • 68.5% Allinburgia
  • 20.6% White/Black Americans
  • 10.2% British
  • 0.7% Russian

  • Allinburgia (noun)
  • Allinburgia (adjective)
  • Allinburgias (plural)


Federal parliamentary republic, Left-wing Utopia

  • Leader/President: Martha Morrow
  • Vice Leader/Vice President: Cornelius Lopez
  • Speaker of Parliament: Jackie Schultz
  • Chief Justice: Nelson Kennedy


Allinburgia Parliament


February 13, 1768, 05:54:54 AM (UTC -10)

Area (total)

420,148 km (162,220 square miles)

Drives on the


Calling code


ISO 3166 code


Internet TLD


NationStates Page

Allinburg (/ɔl/ɪn/bʊʁk/) is an expansive, environmentally stunning nation of 2,811,113,407 compassionate, democratic, humorless, devout Allinburgias, a number that fluctuates constantly. The incumbent President is Martha S. Morrow, leading the nation with a fair hand. The beloved national animal of Allinburg is the Kitler, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests. Crime is totally unknown, and its national religion is The Order of Violet. Allinburg is notable for its public floggings, daily referendums, and keen interest in outer space. Its citizens hold their civil and political rights very dear, although the wealthy and those in business tend to be viewed with suspicion. Civil Rights in Allinburg is classified as Superb, which means, the citizens of Allinburg are almost universally free, under the law, to say and do as they please in this nation of Superb Civil Rights. Political Freedom in Allinburg is classified as World Benchmark, which means, the social and political systems of Allinburg are often cited as the World Benchmark of Political Freedom that all nations should aspire to reach.

The form of government is known as a Civil Rights Lovefest (High Social, Medium Economic, High Political), which is one of the left-leaning government types. The government is medium-sized corrupt (endemic corruption), liberal and outspoken. It juggles the competing demands of Industry, Education, and Public Transport. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Berwin, with Torrinian being the largest city and the financial capital. The average income tax rate is a high 83.1%, and even higher for the wealthy.

Allinburg currently resides in Technologica, is one of the eight WA Members in the region and also a WA Delegate. Within the region of Technologica, as well as in The World, The Federal Republic of Allinburg is considered a Power, as in one who carries considerable clout in both the region, as well as The World, when it comes to not only knowing people, but making things happen. (Ranked 5 out of 21 levels) Technologica has a Power Ranking of Low, a rating just off the bottom, yet far from the top when it comes to political might or power. Almost 50% of the nations of The World fall into this category usually reserved for new regions, regions with few members and regions on a steep decline.

In the news...

  • Martha Morrow wins the Allinburgia Presidental Elections 2016, with Cornelius Lopez as Vice-President.
  • Microcosm "fully recovered" from bankcuptcy, says the CEO, Brad Barrett.
  • Google is accused by the Allinburgia Government for anti-trust charges.

Current events

  • N/A


The word Allinburg came from the ancient nations, The Kingdom of Gwall (the evil side) and The Empire of Inburg (the good side). They were rivals, advancing their technology to become more superior. That reached its peak when both nntions declared war against each other, starting the bloody Gwallinburgia War in 1733. The war lasted for 35 years until Gwall surrendered on February 10, 1768. Inburg, under Henry Gott, ordered Gwall to be merged with its neighbor, creating Allinburg. The merger finished on February 13, 1768, the day of independence.


Evidence of civilization was found, dating 5100 years ago in Inburgsville, the then-capital of Inburg. Soon, Inburg expanded, covering up the whole size of Allinburg. In 1733, rebel forces invaded Inburg, then taking up half of the land of the nation. At 8:35 PM, the rebels declared independence from Inburg, thus founding Gwall and the Gwallinburgia War. In 1750, Gwall's defense forces nearly toppled Inburgsville, but later retreated. Over the following years, Inburg shrunk Gwall to 1/2 of their size. Finally, on February 10, 1768, Gwall surrendered. Inburg, under Henry Gott, ordered Gwall to be merged with its neighbor, creating Allinburg. The merger finished on Saturday, February 13, 1768, the day of independence. At the same day, the first version of the national anthem, Our Motherland, was played. There were thousands of people happily cheering for the independence. The nation was known those days as The Republic of Allinburg.

In 1776, the independence year of the US, British forces attempted to invade Allinburg. It failed 2 days later by Allinburgia warships.

Time passed by, and Allinburg was influneced by immigrants from different countries, including the UK. Most of the immigrants were shot and killed by derranged citizens. The British immigrants survived.

Near the turn of the century, in the late 19th century, Allinburg officially entered the Industrial Revolution. A small string of inventors and innovators were born, raised and resided here, including Lynwood Hass, Louie Hibbard, Rueben Heath, and Williams Kline, who created the world-famous Kline brand of shoes and wear. In 1900, a massive fire started at Kendrickville, which was the largest city in Allinburg. The fire soon spread to the nation's capital. 1.5 million people, mostly male workers, were dead.

Aviation came to Allinburg in 1919. Before that, it was involved in World War I, joining the Allied Powers. Allinburg's economy was badly hit by the Great Depression in the US, but recovered. Allinburg was prosperous in the mid-1930's unitl World War II. Again, it joined the forces of the Allies, and in one time, it was attacked by the Nazis, taking over a quarter of the land of Allinburg.

Early and later trade made Allinburg very cultured and influenced. The nation traded with numerous powers and developing countries. In 1965, the first leader of The Wellywood Colony of the Balckowain, Quackaloo Naotjë, a humble man with a very attractive body, visited Allinburg. The two nations soon forged "a friendship that would go on for so many years, onwards to the next century".

Allinburg celebrated its bicentenial (200th) independence anniversary in 1968.

The oil crisis of 1973 rocketed fuel prices in Allinburg that triggered protests. Once again, the nation prospered in the rest of the 70's. In the early 1980's, the economy took a deep dive, or in other words, crashed. The government tried to find a way to recover and failed until 1985, when Allinburg's economy rose form the ashes. The nation congratulated the Philippine government in 1986 for showing the world that a peaceful revolution can topple corrupt dictatiorships. The Philippines is currently one of Allinburg's top priorities.

On the start of the 90's, a new leader rose. His name was Hans Hermann Fegelein. He restored the strength of the economy, ordered the execution of all religious citizens, not to mention sacrificing civil rights and political freedoms for the expense of restoring the economy. Allinburg was then relocated to its current region, Technologica. On its way, it took over numerous nations and turned them into colonies (see User:Allinburg for full list of colonies). Years later, Allinburg was involved in the politics of The Wellywood Colony of the Balckowain, in which the Balckowain's leader, the Swedish Chief, was accused of hate against Allinburg, graft and corruption charges. The leader was soon overthrown. A year later, after accidentally bombing The Wellywood Colony of the Balckowain's capital, Bakkleswødt on the city center, Fegelein slandered the The Wellywood Colony of the Balckowain, saying:

"The Wellywood Colony is a BIG FAT STUPID IDIOT DORK NATION with a huge ego! They have no perks and/or purpose! They screw themselves up every single second! They destroy anything for no apparent reason! Their leader gets anything what he wants, ALL THE TIME and the citizens, especially the children, get what they hate (in other words, the nation has high [levels of] corruption)!!!! SHAME TO THE BALCKOWAIN!!!"


—Hermann Fegelein

The slander nearly caused a war. In 2015, Fegelein planned to increase civil rights and political freedoms, but it was hard for him because he thought that the economy will collapse if he ever raised civil rights and political freedoms. Also in 2015, Allinburg became a WA Delegate. The nation transformed its region, Technologica, into a recognized region. Allinburg's term as WA Delegate lasted for 176 days.

But Fegelein's presidency was toppled by the government and the populace due to extensive graft and corruption, and tortured the day after. He was replaced with Josh Morrison, the current president of Allinburg. Morrison sucessfuly raised civil rights and political freedoms without affecting the economic rating. In fact, he strengthened the nation's economy.

On January 27, 2016, the raider group DEN raided Technologica. A few hours later, Technologica was liberated. Allinburg decided to leave the region for a while, moving to a featured region.

May 13, 2016 marked a new term as WA Delegate for Allinburg. A few days later, Allinburg experienced a short recession, but recovered. Son, there was a few waves of short recessions, the most recent being the worst in a decade, toppling down the GDP to below US$100 trillion. The economy yet still recovered form the recessions, and the GDP rose to US$107,178,691,248,864.59. On May 27-28, 2016, the Allinburgia Government unveiled a new flag. The new flag was of a tri-band design, with white on the middle and blue at both sides. A representation of the colors/colours is shown below:

  • Blue: Peace, Vigilance, Perseverance & Justice
  • White: Calmess, Purity & Innocence

In the middle of the flag are eight (8) stars, encircled. The eight stars represent all the eras of Allinburg. The meaning of the flag itself is that Allinburg is a calm and peaceful nation, which uses diplomacy instead of force to solve problems.[1]

In the Allinburgia Elections 2016, Martha Morrow won the persidency against Josh Morrison, the then-incumbent president. Morrow was also the first female president in Allinburgia history.


To Allinburg's east lies Europe and the opposite lies the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The nation is located between 47° and 59° latituides and 30° and 15° longituides. Allinburg is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Technologican-European Sea in the east. Territory covers 420,148 km (162,220 sq mi) (see Infobox), consisting of 410,360 km (158,440 sq mi) of land and 10,150 km (3,918 sq mi) of water. It is the third largest nation in Technologica.

Elevation ranges from the majestic mountains of the Great Peaks (highest point: Mount Allinburgia at 5,493 metres or 18,021 feet) in the northeast to the pleasant shores of the Ploom Sea in the southwest. The forests of central and northwest Alliburg and the lowlands of the northern and southern parts of the nation (lowest point: Ferlandiand at 6.29 metres or 20.6 feet below sea level) are traversed by four major rivers, the Dun, Ran, Enbysee and the Fegel. Allinburg's alpine glaciers are currently experiencing deglaciation. Natural resources include gold, silver, iron ore, coal, potash, timber, lignite, uranium, copper, natural gas, salt, nickel, arable land and water.


All of Allinburg has a temperate seasonal climate. It is situated in the continental Eastern European climate. The climate is moderated by the North Atlantic Drift, the northern extension of the Gulf Stream. Allinburg gets an average of 786 mm (30 in) precipitation per year. Rainfall occurs year-round, with no consistent dry season. winters can be very cold and summers very warm, and longer dry periods can occur. Temperatures can exceed 36 °C (96 °F).

The Great Peaks have a mountain climate, with lower temperatures and greater precipitation.

Unfinished, please see other contents.

Government Priorities

Allinburg is a trade hub in which the most prominent citizens are corporations, and in which the most prominent citizens enjoy generous subsidies and tax breaks. Allinburg, while not completely neglecting its less fortunate citizens, contributes a paltry amount of its budget to Welfare. The citizens of Allinburg generally tolerate the petty Administration officials who occasionally inject their presence into many citizens' and businesses' daily lives. The mostly-uniform citizens of The Federal Republic of Allinburg are treated fairly equally when it comes to most aspects of society such as laws, freedoms, rights, class, status and other common affairs due to a high level of spending on Social Equality. Allinburg is a strikingly beautiful nation of clear skies and pristine beaches which gives one an overwhelming sense of healthiness due to the fairly heavy governmental contributions to the Environment. The trade of goods, services, information, money, anything, in Allinburg is an all-consuming activity for most of the population due to the government's insistence on concentrating on Commerce. Education is often a topic of great budgetary debate and a fairly major concern of the government of Allinburg. All over Allinburg, moving the public via moving sidewalks, transport tubes and untold means of winged, wheeled and hulled vehicles is an extremely high priority of this nation devoted to Public Transportation. The sacred and the sublime are often sought by the solemn and the secular in Allinburg thanks, in part, to the nation offering part of its budget to Spirituality. The Healthcare system in Allinburg is all-encompassing and permeates most facets of life incorporating everything from wellness to well-being, from exercise to employment, from scoop to nuts and most things in between.

Allinburg has provided zero budget resources to the following areas:

  • Defense
  • Law and Order


The frighteningly efficient Allinburgia economy, worth 692 trillion Statlens (∄) a year (US$109,481,322,974,848.09 if IRL), is broadly diversified and dominated by the Information Technology industry, with significant contributions from Tourism, Book Publishing, and Arms Manufacturing. Black market activity is extensive. State-owned companies are common. Average income is an amazing ∄246,203, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens. The exchange rate is US$1 = ∄0.5444 = US$1.8369.[2] Allinburg has a long period of Trade Deficit in Tecnologica, in which it has a similarity to the IRL nation of the US, also experiencing similar effects. It has the Largest GDP Per Capita in the region, with an amount of US$38,948.45.[3]

World Census Rankings

  • Top 1%: Business-1.png Poorincome-1.png Tech-1.png
  • Top 5%: Advanced-5.png Inclusive-5.png Insurance-5.png Income-5.png Hdi-5.png Publictransport-5.png Soda-5.png Basket-5.png Govt-5.png Retail-5.png Corrupt-5.png Blackmarket-5.png Economy-5.png Apathetic-5.png Smart-5.png Manufacturing-5.png Lowcrime-5.png Healthcare-5.png Publishing-5.png Life-5.png Furniture-5.png

Unfinished, please see other contents.

Allinburg in Polandball form

Allinburg in Polandball form. PLEASE DON'T ARGUE OR RANT ABOUT THIS.

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