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The United Empire of Centenniality
Flag of Nation/Centenniality
Motto"For the prosperity of the world, we stand."
AnthemGreat and Mighty Centenniality
"World Assembly Member"
"World Assembly Delegate"
CapitalCentenniel, D.C.
Largest city Cantrabura
Official languages None at a federal level
Recognised national languages English
Demonym Centerican
Government Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
 -  President Harvey Drivell
 -  Vice President Ferris Hill
 -  Chief Justice Anne Young
 -  Speaker of the House Gregory DeBois
 -  Total 7,300,415 km2
2,818,706 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 6.76
 -  DATE OF POPULATION SCRAPE estimate 397,620,211
 -  Total GDP
 -  Per capita GDP/POPULATION
Gini (2012)47.7
HDI (2014)0.954
very high
Currency Centerican Dollar(CURRENCY CODE) (CURRENCY CODE)

The United Empire of Centenniality (UEC), also commonly known and referred to as The United Empire of Centenniality, The United Empire, or simply Centenniality, is a federal republic that consists of 58 states and one federal district in which homes the famous city of Centenniel, D.C. (District of Centenniality), which is also the heart of the nation. It shares borders with The Kingdom of Newaristalling, The United Kingdom of Engrandonica, The Kingdom of Zvesdagrad, and The United States of Omdomnity. It borders both the Emmeric Sea to the west and the Cental Ocean to the east.

The nation is notable for its extremely lush environments even though the nation is extremely developed compared to the other nations. Centenniality serves as the moral and ideology capital of the continent due to its extreme prominence in trade and foreign relations. Centenniality is also notable for being the dominant nation in almost all categories of classification (Military size, military technology, size, population, culture, development, civil technologies, economy...) It also carries the World Delegate status for the continent as of the current moment, and this will possibly remain as long as the nation stands. Centenniality is by far the most diverse nation of all of the continental nations, carrying people from various nationalities and races. With it controlling lands of ancient indigenous cultures and also of the three nations of Kulholm, Dallahan, and Cantraboana, plus with the high levels of immigration into Centenniality, it adds more to the "melting pot" of racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity.

The nation had been founded off of differing beliefs from the Dallahan Empire (1349-1696), which gave the portion of land justification to declare its independence from the Dallahaniese. On July 4th, 1679, the Republic of Centenniality declared its independence from the Dallahan Empire, which led to a civil war. After successfully being recognized as a sovereign nation on September 15th, 1682, and the formation of the new and experimental "Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic" government in the constitution of November 22nd, 1688, Centenniality soon launched a large military campaign against the Dallahan Empire and Cantraboana. With those countries weak at the time, it gave the young Centenniality the ability to easily steal and destroy their governments, and annex the nations into their empire. Soon after, the empire was then referred to as "The Empire of Centenniality" due to its imperialistic mindset in these years. However, in 1862, a great civil war broke out between the northern and southern portions of the nation. The northern portion wished to be confederate, and was very cruel to the people of Dallahaniese and Kulholmic descent. With it being the most brutal war fought, the southern portion had overwhelmed the north, and soon after the nation was renamed to "The United Empire of Centenniality", in which is the title it bears to this day. After the fall of the Union of Armarus and the creation of The Commonwealth of Emmerinavic and The Union of The Yuktobanian Republic, the Empire stepped into the arising conflicts between the two nations and ended them as soon as possible. After this event had occurred, many of the qualities of Centenniality had accelerated in growth or presented new qualities that would further benefit the nation, such as its democratization movements and its extreme economic growth.

With an estimated land area of 2,818,706 square miles, a population of 397,620,211 and an estimated gross domestic product of $21.882 trillion, Centenniality is a hegemonic power within the region. Centenniality is highly diplommatically influential in the region. It is a World Assembly member and delegate, where it is a regular voter on resolutions. Centenniality is a developed country, with a frightening economy, which is dominated by the private sector.

Centenniality fields a very large, well-equipped and well-funded fighting force able to project considerable power. Despite this,does often try to pursue diplomatic solutions.