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United Republic of La Madrepatria
La Madrepatria
Flag of La Madrepatria Coat of arms
Motto"From distant lands"
Region The Leftist Assembly
CapitalBahia Verde
Largest city Palmas
Official languages English
Demonym Riota
Government Unitary presidential republic
 -  President Jaime Marquez
 -  Prime minister Sofia Tapia
 -  Deputy minister Christian Garza
Legislature People's Chamber of Deputies
Establishment: Independence from the Tarpeti-Sangheili État
 -  Independence 1849 
 -  Republic established 1871 
 -  Communist government elected 1930 
 -  Current government 1992 
 -  Total area 109,884 km2
42,426 sq mi 
 -  estimate 11,239,004 (2017)
 -  Density 102.3/km2
265/sq mi
Currency Riotico Real (R) (LMP)
Time zone CST (UTC-5)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +53
Internet TLD .lm

La Madrepatria or the United Republic of La Madrepatria, is a unitary republic in the caribbean. It is an island, which means there is nothing but ocean around it. Madrepatria covers 109,884 square kilometers and has has an estimated population of 11,239,004. La Madrepatria comprises of fifteen provinces and one municipality.

La Madrepatria has been a hot-button issue since its independence. Having been a very socialist, at one-time communist, country since its inception, the people and government have been named "the crusaders of the far left" by the Socialist International. La Madrepatria is a master a sea travel and has stayed a major seafaring nation on the world stage. The Riotas are ethnically Tarperti and most Riotas identify Tarper as their "Homeland", the nation has also joined the Tarperdrome, an international organization which includes Tarperti nations, Comico, Montagne du Soleil, and Lawmouth.



In 1550 the Colonial Company of Nordstrand gained a charter to create a colony for the TSE. The place remained the Dominion of La Madrepatria de la Tierra de los Tarperti until the 1848 revolution. The spirit of freedom was around since the attacks of Jacob the Conqueror, though this was put down. The place was then renamed the Republic of La Madrepatria and kept a close relationship with the TSE in the way of an observant seat. After the Grand Nationalist Revolutions, the country did all it could to keep friendly with the numerous countries. At the time of the UKT the two were great friends though resentment started when the Communist Party of Tarper showed up, the government of Madrepatria was increasingly leftist, the Tarps believed that Madrepatria was wanting to make Tarper communist. During the CTCR, Madrepatria followed suit and converted to communism, until 1992 when the government decided to convert to a democratic republic.






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