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Provinces of Kelssek Neorvins Federal Territory
Flag of Kelssek Kelssek
Metro area
2,790,700 (10th)
Time zone Kelssek Coastal Time
(+8 UTC; +9 UTC in summer)
Area codes 313, 403
229 (metro)

Neorvins is the capital city of Kelssek. It is the centre of the nation's federal government, the location of the nation's Parliament, High Court, and Presidential Palace. As the backdrop of many events in Kelssek's history it hosts multiple sites of cultural and historical significance. The city's main employer is the public sector, with several state enterprises and most key government agencies headquartered in the city. Insurance and pension fund management are major parts of the city's financial sector, and high-tech manufacturing industries are also located in the outlying suburbs of the city.

Located on the south end of Kelpton Bay at the mouth of the Sutter river, the city is defined by the boundaries of a federal capital district called the Neorvins Federal Territory (NFT). The metropolitan area, known as the National Capital Region, has a population of 2.7 million and is the tenth-most populous urban area in Kelssek. While English is the dominant language, the city also has significant French and Japanese minorities which are centred around the Quartier Francais.

Attractions and culture

The city's landmarks include Parliament House, Federation Park, Canada Square, the National War Memorial, and the Palace Complex consisting of the historic former Royal Palace, which is typically open for tourist visits and can be reserved for events and functions. The National Capital Exhibition opened in 2017 and features interactive exhibitions on many aspects of Kelssek's history. Bay Square North, the area south of Cohen Park, has also developed as a major convention and exhibition centre, transforming Neorvins into a significant business destination, helped by its location roughly equidistant from the the centres of Anglophone and Francophone culture (Kirkenes and Outineau, respectively), which may also have played a part in its selection as the Guedian Kingdom's capital in 1519.

Neorvins's cultural life is most vibrant in the Noruni and Quartier Francais areas, where many cafes, fine dining, and coffee shops can be found. The city is home to the National Gallery of Kelssek, a major art museum. A concert stage within Parc Elliot Trudeau hosts daily free concerts incorporating all genres of music and the Rob Baker Hall is a major theatre complex which is home to the Neorvins Symphony Orchestra and the National Ballet Company. The Confederation Opera House and the Palace Theatre on Manitoba Avenue host more traditional high culture performances like musicals, dance and opera.

Higher education

Neorvins is home to three major universities, with Victoria University among the nation's most prestigious, and a federally-funded institute for advanced scientific research which incorporates three independent research centres based in Neorvins as well as other establishments located elsewhere in the country.

  • Gordon Downie College of Fine Arts
  • Neorvins City University
  • Federal Research Council
    • National Centre for Renewable Energy Research
    • Federal Biotechnology Institute
    • National Centre for Environmental Science
  • Victoria University of Neorvins (VUN)


The Neorvins Herald is the main daily newspaper, while the afternoon paper Neorvins Sun tends towards more tabloid-style news coverage. The Kelssek Broadcasting Corporation's broadcast facilities in Neorvins includes a newsroom, television and radio studios, including the facilities from which the KBC World Service, its international radio service, is broadcast.


Neorvins's public transportation system is highly developed and is aimed at minimising the need for car use. Commuter rail (Neotrack) and mass transit railways (NUR, Neorvins Underground Railway) carry 2 million commuters daily, while buses provide service to almost every street in the city. Inter-city rail services are located at the Bay Square railway station, which is served by Velocit, the Kelssek Pacific Railway (KPR), and the Kelssek National Railway (KN).

Federal Highway 1 (the Trans Kelssek Highway) runs through the city's downtown core and Federal Highway 42 (Douglas Adams Highway) begins at the intersection of Downie Avenue and Beveridge Street, and runs west. A system of expressways, jointly financed by the territorial and federal governments, provides intra-city transportation.

The city has two public airports. Mackenzie King International Airport, located 32km northwest of downtown, is an important international airport seeing 22 million passengers annually. The Neorvins City Centre Airport is a commuter airport used for short-range travel and general aviation, with Kelssek Forces Air Command base (KFB Pateers) and transport squadron located there.

Foreign relations

As the national capital, Neorvins is the centre of Kelssek's diplomatic community. Embassies and diplomatic missions in the city include:

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