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| 10,280,420
| 10,280,420
Here is a map of Sibaria, with the oblosks and capitals listed.

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Here is a list of all Oblosks (states). in Sibaria.

City Capital Notes Oblosk Administrator Population (2027)
Petrev Oblosk Petrevich Largest oblosk in Sibaria Tutin Konstantin 61,235,830
Slan Oblosk Slankov Third largest oblosk. Macella Jorovic 42,750,340
Vladi Special Oblosk Vladivastak Third largest oblosk and capital Oblosk. Redovan Stojanovic 38,830,320
Tskh Oblosk Tskhinvali Fourth largest oblosk. Rian Yoganovich 29,130,920
North Tskh Oblosk Tskhinvali Fifth largest oblosk. Ian Grogor 26,200,290
Southern Oblosk Empire Bay Sixth largest oblosk, and only oblosk not named after its capital. Boris Denis 18,650,430
Nihz Oblosk Nihznovik Smallest oblosk. Wasnic Slor 10,280,420