Parliament of Llorens

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Parliament of Llorens
2nd Parliament of Llorens
Coat of arms or logo
President Justine Vartu,
Socialist Party
Since 29 June 2019
Vice-President Giorgio Rentanti,
Communist Party
Since 29 June 2019
Seats 100
Political groups Government (51)
     Socialist (40)
     Communist (11)
Opposition (49)
     Libertarian (25)
     Green (13)
     Conservative (9)
     Democratic (2)
Voting system Closed-list proportional representation
Last election 29 June 2019
Next election 27 June 2020

The Parliament of Llorens is the unicameral legislature of Llorens. 100 members are elected to one-year terms through closed-list proportional representation, with seats distributed proportionate to state populations. The Parliament makes laws for the citizens of Llorens to abide by, and the leaders of its majority party or coalition is appointed as the President.

The 4th Parliament is currently sitting, having been elected at the 2019 federal election. Justine Vartu of the Socialist Party is the current President and Giorgio Rentanti of the Green Party is the current Vice-President.


Term Elected in Majority party/coalition President Vice-President
1st Parliament 2016 election Socialist/Green Elisabeth Harland Josef Cervenka
2nd Parliament 2017 election Green/Socialist Fraser Zilberschlag Elisabeth Harland
3rd Parliament 2018 election Green Fraser Zilberschlag Ludwig Gurrentin
4th Parliament 2019 election Socialist/Communist Justine Vartu Giorgio Rentanti


The Parliament of Llorens consists of 100 members. The structure of the Parliament itself is in an arch, with parties negotiating where they are positioned, often on a scale from most left-wing to most right-wing across the span of the structure. The leader and vice-leader of the party or coalition government in power are the President and Vice-President respectively. To be eligible to run for office, a person must be a citizen of Llorens and of voting age, 16 years or older.


A proposed law can be addressed to the Parliament if it receives the endorsement of at least five members. All members are then notified of the bill one week prior to its discussion and vote within Parliament. The first session is called the Discussion Session, where one representative of each party is eligible to speak or ask questions on the proposed legislation. The legislation will proceed to the second session, called the Voting Session, once two-thirds (67 members) of the Parliament agree to proceed from discussion or three hours has elapsed. Each member then casts their vote in favour or against the proposal, most recently using an installed electronic mechanism. It requires a simple majority (51 members) to vote in favour to be passed.


2016 19 31 25 6 11 8
2017 10 18 36 9 8 19
2018 5 19 51 3 4 18
2019 11 40 13 2 9 25