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Phoenix Dynamix INC (LLC)
Headquarters: Area 51, Nevada
Nationality: The Phoenix Milita
Specialty: Weapons
Storefront: Phoenix Dynamix (jolt)


"Simply the best company in the world."
"Anything, Anytime, Anywhere"
Established July 2003

Phoenix Dynamix

Phoenix Dynamix INC, based in The Phoenix Milita is one of the largest corporations in the world.

Key Executives

CEO: Maximus Seville II
CFO: Robert Merillion
COD: John Dawbson


Phoenix Dynamix started as a small government funded ammunition and firearms company, the famous "TPM Special" Waterproof Ammo series has generated trillions of dollars in revenue over the years. Over the Years PD has designed 4 weapons systems on contract form other countries (FC-57, FC-SMG, FC-LMG AR-22) and also bought out FN-Herstal in 2003. Besides the large selection of firearms, Phoenix Dynamix began a large aircraft department with the funds gained through weapons and ammo sales. The first few aircraft, the FU-29K Unmanned Fighter, F-31X Cyclone Interceptor and the A-4X Skyhawk II did well enough to foster a 3rd division, land systems. The T-1 Scorpion debuted as the company's premier tank, and today is still on of the top main battle tanks in the world. Following the success with the T-1, the TR-XX series of remotely operated tanks was unveiled taking Phoenix Dynamix to new levels. In 2004 Anagonia Requested that the T-3 Warrior be designed and Phoenix Dynamix continues in its tradition of contracted designs to this day, recently creating the AR-67 line of weapons for Geneticon. After many successful years, and the buying out of Antarcticorp, PD opened its shipyards and began developing new ships. Today, Phoenix Dynamix is in to much more than aircraft, ships, tanks and guns. Each division of Phoenix Dynamix INC is actually an organic limited liability company (LLC) with its own separate management and employees, although the CEO and many of the other top executive positions are held by the same men across all of the separate divisions/companies. With over 50 divisions, Phoenix Dynamix is a major force in all aspects of industry and business. They have built skyscrapers, bridges, canals, embassies, cars, civilian aircraft, trucks, subways, maglev trains, spacecraft, rockets, airports, amusement parks and dozens of other things. They have vast mining and lumber operations and own large amounts of farmland and produce a sizable amount of processed foods as well. Actually, Phoenix Dynamix is larger (population and land wise) some countries!! With factories in several foreign nations, notably Johnified America, Antarctica123, Falcania, Afslavistakistania and many others its easy to see why Phoenix Dynamix is one of the top competitors in many of the world's markets today.


There are a large number of Phoenix Dynamix Divisions. See List of Phoenix Dynamix Divisions for more information

Phoenix Dynamix Around the World

Phoenix Dynamix operates factories, storefronts, or other facilities in the following nations

British Londinium*(evacuated May 2007, future unknown )
Falcania*(Phoenix Dynamix produces Jay Industries products under license)
Johnified America
The Great Sixth Reich
Zumorito*(post-coup fate unknown)


Phoenix Dynamix has faced many criticisms just as any major corporation does.

Unconventional Designs

Always on the cutting edge of military technology, Phoenix Dynamix has faced criticism on many of its designs. The original AR-22 for example, was perceived as too powerful, and as having too much recoil by many international observers, although they had never actually tested the weapons or looked closely at the data, it is suspected that early sales may have been hurt by the perceptions fostered by the criticisms of the international community. Another common criticism of Phoenix Dynamix designs has been the inclusion of anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles on the sides of the turrets of tanks and other armored vehicles, which seems silly since today many vehicles feature such missiles, notably the M-2 Bradley. Despite the occasional detractors, Phoenix Dynamix has sold literally thousands of tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles fitted with these various mounted missile systems. Phoenix Dynamix Shipyards(originally an outgrowth of Antarcticorp, and indeed retaining many former employees), has continually been criticized for its small, quick and heavily armed vessels, which is odd to see since usually this kind of criticism is against the massive battleships of other nations, much larger than even the Pentamaran ship which is currently the largest hull constructed by Phoenix Dynamix. In addition to naval and land systems, Phoenix Dynamix has perhaps been criticized most for its original airship designs, which are among the most massive flying objects ever created. Other aircraft such as the FU-29K unmanned fighter and C-16 cargo aircraft have also received a less-than-warm welcome amongst international critics during their introduction, but in the end, the sales figures speak for themselves, Phoenix Dynamix continues to be successful in furthering cutting-edge design across the world.

Questionable Business Practices

Phoenix Dynamix has been known to sell their military products to questionable characters both on the personal and national level. One major criticism is the frequent sale of military hardware to opposing sides in the same conflict. They also have issued bans on the sale of items to nations involved in certain alliances, but not others, and they seem to arbitrarily make exceptions, and this applies to trade sanctions and embargoes, in fact even breaking blockades on occasion. There are rumors, but no proof, that Phoenix Dynamix sold biological weapons to The Merchant Guilds and at least one other relatively large nation, and specifically unconventional delivery systems for said weapons. The Phoenix Milita strictly prohibits the development or sale of bioweapons.


Phoenix Dynamix Online Shopping Portal
Phoenix Dynamix Phoenix Dynamix Storefront (jolt)
Phoenix Dynamix Online Storefront
Phoenix Dynamix Motors (Automobile Sales)(jolt)

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