Raiding and defending

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Raiding and defending (R&D), also known as military gameplay, refers to battles for control of (usually founderless) regions by competing outside forces. This entails flooding a region with enough WA member nations in order to steal its delegacy -- or in the case of defending, stealing it back on behalf of native members of the region. Invading or region-crashing, the practice of stealing regional control from native nations, is typically called raiding, although the term originated as a way to describe dedicated invaders who operated under a code of conduct and honor toward fellow raiders.

Dating back to the game's earliest years, players who came to NS from the Web site, called "Farkers," are widely acknowledged as the first band of raiders in NationStates. Since then many changes to the game have likewise changed the way that military gameplay is carried out: for example, the introduction of founders in 2003, the implementation of the Regional Influence system in 2006, the increase of system updates for the site from once a day to twice, the WA Security Council's "Liberation" function, and the addition of Regional Officers in 2015. A mod-sponsored "gameplay summit" in 2014 recommended numerous additional changes to aid in making military gameplay more interesting and dynamic, but with the exception of Regional Officers, very few of these proposed modifications have been implemented.

Warzones are special regions created specifically for raiding and defending that operate under different rules. For example, bans from these regions are not permanent.