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Regenschirm Aktiengesellschaft
Type State-owned enterprise
Traded as Regenschirm Corporation
Industry Conglomerate
Founded Munich, Grossdeutsches Reich (October 25, 1965 (1965-10-25))
Founder(s) Otto Spencer
James Trevor
Ivan Kirilenko
Headquarters Berlin, GroBdeutsches Reich
Area served European Union
Key people Élisabeth Durand (CEO)
Products Chemicals, consumer electronics, medical equipment, military equipment, software, telecommunications equipment
Services Financial services, private security, telecommunications
Revenue Increase €233.859 billion (2013)
Total assets Increase €415.190 billion (2013)

Regenschirm AG, commonly known as Regenschirm Corporation or simply Regenschirm, is a grossdeutscher public owned multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. It is currently the largest company in the European Union. Regenschirm comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Regenschirm brand.

Regenschirm was founded by millionaire and entrepeneur Otto Spencer in 1968 as a chemical and medical products company named Regenschirm Chemical, GmbH. Over the next three decades the group diversified into areas including information technology, insurance and financial services, private security and electronics. IT and electronics sector and financial services have been Regenschirm's most profitable sectors and which allowed for the company to become the largest in the European Union. Since the 1990s Regenschirm has increasingly globalized its activities, and software related products, particularly OS and computers, have become its most important source of income.

Notable subsidiaries include Regenschirm Defense Systems (the EU's fourth largest weapons producer), Regenschirm Electronics and Computer Systems (the EU's second largest), and Regenschirm Security (the EU's largest private security contractor).

Regenschirm has, due to its assets and revenue size, a massive influence on Grossdeutsches Reich's economy, politics and media.


Otto Spencer was a Groβdeutscher nobleman who, along with James Trevor, a Belarian virologist and Ivan Kirilenko, a well known Soviet doctor, founded Regenschirm Corporation in 1968 as Regenschirm Chemical, GmbH.

In 1972, the company bought Groβdeutscher Pharma. Thus becoming the largest pharmaceutical company in the European Union. In the eighties, the company jumped into the defence and computing markets after the creation of its two new branches, Regenschirm Defense Systems and Regenschirm Computer Systems.

By 1990, the company had already become the largest company in the European Union in terms of revenue. In 2001, Regenschirm entered into the financial services market. Later, in 2004, Regenschirm's CEO Martin Spencer announced the acquisition of the Groβdeutscher government-owned company Volkswagen.

In April 2009 the USSR confiscated all Regenschirm assets in their country and a day later the Luvenburgish Competition Authority began an abuse of dominant position investigation on the company.

In November 2010, after the Hispano-Grossdeutscher War, the Grossdeutscher Ministry of Justice began an investigation on the company for alleged cooperation with the spanish government, providing them with Animamortus virus samples obtained from Berlin in 2009, and issued a detention warrant on founder and president Otto Spencer. After an assault on his residence, Spencer fled the country after killing 76 police officers in the controlled demolition of his state. His assets were confiscated and his stocks of the company were transfered to the government which effectively gained control of Regenschirm.


  • 51% - Grossdeutsches Reich government
  • 35% - Small private investors
  • 9% -
  • 5% - Click, GmbH