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Founder Pierre Auguste Renoir
WA Delegate Alcornia
Members 5
 -  of which WA 1
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 79 billion
Regional HDI 0.510
Region page

000 is a small region, sparsely populated by only 5 nations and only one World Assembly Member.

Throughout 000 civil rights are held dearly by all. Nations in the region are considered developing democracies, with some political freedoms afforded to denizens. Families in the region are so obsessed with the economy that the discussion of laffer curves and supply-side reforms over dinner is a regular occurrence in member nations. The median tax rate of the region is 38%, but is frequently higher for the wealthy. The economies of nations in the region tend to be heavily weighted towards the private sector, with on average 14% of the economy comprising the public sector. Commerce is a priority for governments, accounting for an average of 6% of public expenditure.

000 values education extremely highly, and denizens compete for the largest number of university degrees and sprawling book collections. There is a very high level of crime within the region and law enforcement resources are stretched thin. Denizens have very well-funded, well equipped defense forces. Public transport is a popular mode of transport in the region, receiving on average of 7% of total government budgets.

Nobody really knows about the state of administration in 000. Observers asked for information, but found nobody was available to take calls. Hospital patients are given credit checks upon passing through emergency rooms, as no government provision is made for healthcare in the region. Welfare in the region is minimal, with only a small amount of expenditure being devoted to spending on social security. Governments in the region are avowedly atheist - no public funds are allocated to spirituality.

Social inequality is rife amongst the nations within 000. The region's landscapes are reasonably good, although the impact of the denizens has had a noticeable effect.