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0000 Middle Earth 0000
Founder Tatarica
WA Delegate No Delegate
Members 1
 -  of which WA 0
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 21 billion
Regional HDI 0.590
Region page
0000 Middle Earth 0000
0000 Middle Earth 0000

0000 Middle Earth 0000 is a minuscule region, inhabited by a sole nation.

Throughout 0000 Middle Earth 0000 civil rights are held dearly by all. Nations in the region are healthy democracies, with denizens being afforded an extensive array of political freedoms. Families in the region are so obsessed with the economy that the discussion of laffer curves and supply-side reforms over dinner is a regular occurrence in member nations. Denizens tend to pay their taxes quickly and quietly, with a median tax rate of 13%. The economies of nations in the region tend to be heavily weighted towards the private sector, with on average 12% of the economy comprising the public sector. National governments within the region are more concerned with corporate welfare than the welfare of ordinary citizens, with commerce budgets accounting for an average of 32% of public expenditure.

In 0000 Middle Earth 0000 education, when conducted, is done with sticks and mud. The region is a lawless wasteland, nations regularly being the subject of documentaries by brave filmmakers. Governments make no provision for law and order. Defense is an overarching priority for governments within the region. One might suggest they are compensating for something. Due to the lack of any Public transport, streets are packed with cars, bikes, and assorted noisy vehicles.

The administration departments of 0000 Middle Earth 0000 are all-consuming, soaking up budgets in aid of supporting a bureaucracy of millions, with an average of 12% of government budgets being devoted to Administration. Hospital patients are given credit checks upon passing through emergency rooms, as no government provision is made for healthcare in the region. No welfare is provided in the region. Those unlucky enough to fall into unemployment are forgotten and abandoned. Governments in the region are avowedly atheist - no public funds are allocated to spirituality.

In 0000 Middle Earth 0000, Social inequality is total, with wealth being held by a tiny fraction of the region's populace. The landscapes of the region are no longer recognizable as such, the atmosphere being unbreathable and the only jungles being made of concrete.