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0x0 0xd
Founder Aonwia
WA Delegate No Delegate
Members 1
 -  of which WA 0
Regional population
 -  2014 estimate 632 million
GRP $14.7 trillion
Regional HDI 0.460
Region page
0x0 0xd
0x0 0xd

0x0 0xd is a minuscule region, inhabited by a sole nation.

The straight-backed, broad-smiling populace of 0x0 0xd eagerly dismissed concerns of oppression. Denizens generally have very few political freedoms, but some limited freedom is afforded to citizens of nations in the region. The economy of the region is remarkably unremarkable, with members being neither powerhouses nor basket cases. The median tax rate of the region is 35%, but is frequently higher for the wealthy. The economies of nations in the region tend to be weighted more towards the public sector, with on average only 43% of the economy comprising the private sector. Commerce within the region is an irrelevant annoyance to governments.

In 0x0 0xd education, when conducted, is done with sticks and mud. Crime is low: the region enjoys well-equipped and well-funded police forces, coupled with efficient but fair judicial systems. Nations within the region are forced to use soft fruit and harsh language in the field of battle, with no government funds being set aside for defense. Public transport is a popular mode of transport in the region, receiving on average of 19% of total government budgets.

In 0x0 0xd, government departments are frequently completely unaware of one another, such is size of administration departments. Hospital patients are given credit checks upon passing through emergency rooms, as no government provision is made for healthcare in the region. No welfare is provided in the region. Those unlucky enough to fall into unemployment are forgotten and abandoned. Religion is an all-consuming priority within the region, with most government funds devoted to the study of scripture.

In 0x0 0xd, Social inequality is total, with wealth being held by a tiny fraction of the region's populace. Environments within the region are very good, with a healthy balance of denizen's activity and regard for protection of nature.